Tuesday 13 February 2024

Purge on the Dust Road


Harken now to the words of Redemption, for now I shall relate the tale of how the Ecuatorial Crusade conquered the sinners of Dust Road, and brought light unto the ignorant and the faithless
Having routed the vile eschers in the Jardlan hold, Klovis led us on a trek over the ash wastes
The boundless expanse of the Dust Road was being plagued by the goliath heretics, and it was the duty of the true believer to bring battle to that gang of blasphemous mutants
Aboard the Pulpitek we rushed into the hated foe, the guns of the crusade blazing with holy fury
And by the blessing of the Emperor our shots found its mark, wrecking their heretical wagon of sin
We then advanced into the foe, our autoguns ripping into their ranks
And soon the holy flames of Redemption engulfed the foes of the faith, setting them alight in a divine inferno as just punishment for their unspeakable sins
The clogging dust and horrid weather had disabled some of our weapons
But undeterred, pious Klovis descended and started dispensing his judgment with plasma pistol and eviscerator, singing all the way holy verses in praise of the Master of Mankind
Following his example, the bulk of the crusade disembarked
While I myself rammed the enemy tank destroying it for good
With most of the meatheads wounded, the holy struggle devolved in a frenzy of hand to hand combat, where powered by faith and zeal the crusaders triumphed once again
Laying waste to that band of deviants and heretics...
... and claiming the Dust Road in the name of our blessed lord, the Emperor!

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