Thursday 5 August 2021

Klovis the Redeemer


I speak now of my master Klovis, parangon of crusaders, exemplar for the faithful and last hope for these Hives of sin and damnation. He it is who leads us into the dens of inquinity, to cleanse them by faith and fury. His exploits are known all over Necromunda; from the destruction of the ghastly Broodmutha to the purging of the horrid Caller and his ratskin rebellion, he has stood time and time again in the path of oblivion, and countless are the heretics who have perished under his holy wrath.
In battle the Redeemer wields the fearsome Sword of Persecution, a thrice blessed eviscerator against whom have fallen time and time again the champions of evil
As a side weapon he bears an antique plasma pistol, a fitting instrument of the Emperor's fiery wrath, that ensures no one is safe from the just retribution spread out by our glorious Redeemer.
What sight is more magnificent than his Crown of All Cleansing Flame? It has become an icon of faith and Redemption, feared throughout the Underhive and the Ash Wastes for the inevitable punishment that follows it
After a life devoted to the salvation of Mankind truly it can be said of him:
 "Prince, slow to punish quick to reward, he suffers when he is obliged to be hard".
And what of me, deacon Malakev? I've been at my lord's side for several decades now, faithfully penning down his holy deeds so they can enter into the annals of the Redemption for the enlightnement of my bretheren. After the crusade aginst the Caller I was grievoulsy injuried, but Klovis (the most merciful of men) took me uphive and saved my life with the use of extensive bionics.
Since then I've acompanied him in many a purging, bearing upon my back the sacred Liber Excruciatus, a compendium of atonements and aids to redemption such as number 26, wich consists on cutting the nose of the penitent while replacing it with two nostril pipes. Thus he can enjoy the cleansing of pain while avoiding an untimely death (and thus miss another chance at salvation) by infection or disease.

Sunday 1 August 2021

The redemption


Blessed be the Emperor, light and guide of all mankind. In His name we, the redemptionists of the burning church bring death and chastisement to the alien and mutant, witch and heretic, all deserving of the sacrament of extermination by sword and holy fire.
It is many years that I've been serving as scribe and, if may be so bold right hand, of my master Klovis and seldom have I seen such boundless faith as that shown by the priest wich calls himself just the Faceless. A most devout warrior and confidant of our glorious Redeemer, he never takes off his mask in the presence of others, no doubt as a sign of penance and devotion and not, as some doubters say, due to being a known outlaw on the run from house Cawdor.
Resolute in battle he wields a flaming chainaxe, a pure tool of punishment with wich to chop, burn and amputate the sinful bodies of the unblessed
Never one to eschew a chance to punish the unbelievers, he also bears a gilded autogun, with wich he has blasted many an heretic into the embrace of oblivion
Despite accompanying the Redeemer in many a purging, it is not I that have followed him the longest, but a veteran of the crusade called Kiodrus in honour of the holy warrior saint of Sabbat. He is truly a living relic of the church, having scrouged heretical filth for longer that anyone remembers. His many years and ironbound zeal are truly a blessing of the Emperor!
Being not as agile as the young novices, he prefers to engage the enemy at range, blowing away the profanitors with an old but tursty shotgun and engulfing them in fiery gouts from his exterminator.
He is also the bearer of one of our most sacred relics, the blessed Chandelier of Temenos, a blazing icon of faith that brings light into the darkness of the corrupted underhive.

One of the most recent additions to the ranks of the faitful is the zealot Sebastian Thor. As his namesake he is unflinching in the face of sin and blasphemy, slicing and burning the mutant scum with a massive eviscerator. His exploits are thus that blessed Klovis bestowed upon him the honour of carring on a reliquary the skull of an escher viperess he killed in epic hand to hand combat.

A resourceful and valiant warrior of our most pious cause, he carries a laspistol and incendiary charges, to use whenever an opportunity arises

The robust Dolan meanwhile is the muscle of the Crusade, bearing on his shoulders not only the weight of an incandescent firepike, but a magnificent crown of fire granted to him by the Redeemer after purging the wondrous sum of 100 heretics.
A devout member of the church, brother Dolan carries the word of the Emperor on him at all times

His fiery wargear is complemented with a crude but effective stub gun, a useful tool for reaching those heretics too cowardly to close within range of his imponent firepike

To finish off this brief description of the closest servants of the Redeemer I'll speak now of brother Macharius. He is a crack shot, deadly with an autogun and also a munificent funder of our crusade. His appearances in the campaigns of cleansing are certainly sporadic, being a truth known by many that he is a rich member of uphive society that seeks absolution for his errant lifestyle by donning the rainments of Redemption, and joining in the battle against the evil that permeates all of Necromunda
As befits such a lofty status his gear is of the best quality, and despite not being as pure as my mentor, he is nonetheless a valued member of our warrior band
Such is his zeal that he often cuts off the heads of the heretics he kills, keeping their flayed skulls as mementoes both of victory and penitence 
Blessed be he who follows the path of Redemption, for not only will he find salvation in the eyes of the Master of Mankind but help bring it to his fellow men through faith and fire!

Siege of Girona


The final battle of our peninsular minicampaign. After defeating the spanish defenders at el Bruc, Zaragoza and Roses the imperials attack the city of Girona, a vital crossroads on the way to France. 

Led by Álvarez de Castro the defenders stand ready to protect Inmortal Girona from the antichrist's atheist hordes
On the other side of the plain Saint Cyr and the french survey this last bastion of the spanish patriots
And the siege begins! Under artillery fire the french begin to dig their approaches
The spanish react by opening mines and throwing out the guns
As the trenches inch their way forwards, Saint Cyr sends a division of swiss to brush off the artillery

Having destroyed the guns the swiss begin to dig a mine, but are routed in an underground battle with the spanish miners
Finally, after a month and a half of siege the first breach is opened in the curtain wall

In the next week the heavy guns blow open the gates
And three divisons of imperial troops are unleashed into the breaches
While his men take the walls and rout the defenders, Augereau is killed in the assault
The swiss also wipe out the militia and cross the walls
The fight for the Torre Gironella is way harder, defenders and besiegers exchanging fire while a mine blows open a steep breach in the rampart
A mauled french unit tries their luck once the garrison has been killed, but to no avail
Finally it is a division of converged grenadiers who takes the bastion from the back

Killing de Castro too
This assault puts an end to the battle, as the imperials enter the city in unsurmountable numbers
That's all folks, see you next season after vacations