Sunday, 16 January 2022

Knights of the Emperor


The new Black Templars codex supplement has hit me like a ton of bricks: in the throes of a wave of zeal I have repainted no less than 26 marines into the livery of these sons of Dorn, and started buying more units to bring the army to 1500 points and more.
Do the guys above look familiar? They're loosely based on the first four marines of this canonic artwork
First to join the ranks is an Intercessor squad, whose long ranged firepower will be much needed against the hordes of cultists and demons that assail the Cadian gate

This sword brother will soon lead a squad of his own

The island of sacrifices


After the defeat of the human invaders one of them has been tied up and taken to the Island of Sacrifices to be offered to Sotek, the amazons must make a rush against time to save the poor fellow, or to capture him as a sacrifice of their own instead!
On top of the pyramid poor Diego waits for the hour of his death
The lizardmen guard the approaches to the temple
And soon a frenzied skirmish erupts around the spawning pool
Both amazons and lizards are killed in the struggle, but the Lustry Girls soon take the lead thanks to their lethal claws of the old ones
A sand pit opens below the skink on top of the sanctuary but he climbs out of it easily
Now the battle has reached the stairs, with the saurus warriors blocking the way to the captive
The skinks on the plaza are easily dispatched
And even the saurus fall to the champions and totem warriors
A native curse springs from the wall suddenly, a sight that the amazons take as a good omen
Finally Eztli reaches the top and makes short work of the guardian skink
With the stairway cleared of foes victory is within the amazon's grasp
Despite such successes beautiful Zuma is killed in a duel with one of the few remaining saurus
On the far side of the pyramid two amazon archers have slaughtered the few skinks deployed there and now move towards the center
In the end Colel grabs Diego and starts to drag him downstairs
And as the last lizards are driven away the Slithering Serpent takes the unfortunate adventurer away to an uncertain fate

Friday, 7 January 2022

Ambush in the temple of Kara


The ancient pyramid of Kara in Lustria has been defiled by the human invaders. Such a sacrilege must be punished, and both lizardmen and amazons launch an all out attack to recover the priceless artifacts plundered by the fanatical witch hunters
Led by priestess Chel the warrior women of the Amaxon advance stealthily
Yet unseen by the adventurers
Nex to the pyramid the lizardmen have also come for payback
Covered by the stifing heat of the jungle and Chel's magic powers, the amazionans charge into the foe
The jungle takes its first victim when the saurus hero falls into a pit
Led by the frenzied totem warriors, the tatted women cut a bloody path through the witch hunters

Faith in Sigmar is no match for the ancient Slann swords, that bring down foe after foe
The tomb guardians have been keeping back
Allowing the amazons to enter the encampent ad recover most of the artifacts

Even the witch hunter captain is killed by the totem warriors, that charge heedlessly into the fray well ahead of their warband
In a lategame change of tack the lizards finally start to grab treasure counters
But it's a bit too late, and the amazons have recovered most of the artifatcs
Not all goes their way however, and a lashworm springs from a nearby bush and wounds a warrior
Next the sauruses pile in and render her unconscious
Reptiles and handmaidens fight it out amonst the burning tents of the invader camp
One skink runs to the board edge with a treasure
The reptilian mass overwhelms the frail amazons, that gather what treasures they can and run for it
In the end the female team managed to get their hands on three of the five artifacts, earning a well fought victory in their first outing. The campaign phase was even better, showering the amazons in riches and avancements that put them well ahead of the lizardmen; a warband that lost no less than two warriors and only found one useful artifact. In our next game a luckless captive will be scheduled for ritual murder in the misty island of sacrifices!

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Cadian Gate map


First map of the year. A depitcion of the Cadian Sector during the Indomitus Crusade with orbital and ground territories for our next campaign. The rules are pretty straightforward: players take turns launching attacks on systems adjoining theirs, if they're unclaimed they conquer them automatically, if under enemy control a naval battle must be fought followed by a land one if the attacker won. Each win grants control of the orbit and the planet itslef. Note that Cadia doesn't have orbit due to being destroyed (i.e. only naval games there). Wins whoever has more sytems at the end.

- Forgeworlds like Kantrael and Deimos Binary are the lynchpin worlds of the sector, provinding an extra 25pts in BFG games or one stratagem point during land battles.

- Hiveworlds like Xersia or Belisar are important manufacturing centres granting one additional command point in land battles.

- Mining worlds are important sources of fuel and raw materials, each boosting the CP and points bonus of a single forge/hiveworld in +1/25, as long as you can trace a supply route between the two without passing by enemy held systems. In the Cadian gate these are Nihil and Clausten.

- While not worth much on their own agriworlds provide an important food boost to hive and forgeworlds, increasing their command points bonus in +1 as long as you can trace a supply route between the two without passing by enemy held systems. In the Cadian Gate these are Fremas, Helotas, Exeltra minor and Barisa.

-Finally penal worlds provide some of the hardiest fighters in the galaxy, allowing you to reroll any ones in hit and run attacks/boarding actions during BFG games.

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Battle of Asculum


The last battle of 2021 was a romans vs Pyrros game. After his "success" in the battle of Heraclea the epeirote king has moved further north and clashes with the legions under consul Publius Decius Mus
A wide river with wooded banks separates the armies, and soon their light troops move in
While the heavy infantry keeps back the skirmishers of both sides trade javelins
Meanwhile the greek left has been moving further away for unfathomable reasons
After several rounds of innefective shooting the first losses start to mount up on the legions, pushing them to advance into the fray 
Both sides enter the riverbank becoming disordered
While Pyrros and the roman left flank fight it out

First blood goes to the romans, that destroy a mass of light cavalry

Next the legionnaries crash into the greek line, and albeit the phalanx is pushed back...
...the lightly armed oscans get the upper hand in the broken terrain of the river
Things take a turn for the worse when the roman equites in front of Pyrros are routed

And then the Oscans manage to disperse an entire legion of allied troops
With losses mouting up the roman right retreats to deny their points to the enemy
It all now depends on the legions led by Decius, that fight an icnreasingly desperate struggle with foes charging from behind
Some velites are trampled down by the epeirote companions
But when all seems lost the legions manage to pull through, destroying the pike phalanx...
...and the tarentine hoplites, losses that push the enemy over its moral threshold and win the battle in extremis for Rome