Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Heavy Coughing!


General Grievous! The final element of the separatist army is of course its leader. Grievous was a kalee that swore to destroy the Jedi after they prevented him from genociding a specie of mantis like aliens, that had invaded his planet and killed his grilfrend. The droid body housed his heart, lungs and part of his brain, and allowed him to wield upt to four lightsabers at once, and sustain tremendous wounds. He was also armed with an uncivilized powerful blaster pistol. Despite his cowardice and apalling performance (was captured by gungans of all people!), he's my favourite baddie character of the Clone Wars. You just gotta love his evil aspect and that malevolent laughter followed by the iconic coughing!
The model looks a bit wonky because it isn't designed to have a cape and four arms at the same time, so I had to tweak him a bit in order to fit all the parts

Hello there! Haha hey what's up General Kenobi! You are a bold one.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

B2 superbattledroids


The B2 superbattledroids were an improvement on the previous B1 design, to make up for the weaknesses evidenced during the battle of Naboo. This model had improved armour and programming, coupled with thick duranium armour. The vital processors and sensors were buried deep inside the torso, wich allowed the B2 to keep fighting despite having suffered horrendous damage. Their cost was high however, and they never fully replaced the B1s as intended.

I gave one of the droids a separatist (Macragge) blue fringe to identify him as the unit's leader

Virgin B1 vs Chad B2

Saturday, 6 March 2021


The destroyer droids are one of the best nits of the separatist army, they bring to the battlefield a deadly combination of firepower and speed. However they are volnerable to attacks from the rar and melee

Wheel mode

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Star Wars Legion: first game

Kuat besieged! While the Grand Army of the Republic is embroiled in the Outer Rim, the separatists launch a surprise attack on its main shipyards in the Kuat system. With most of the surface under control of the droid army, the task to retake the planet from General Grievous falls to Obi Wan Kenobi and a select force hurriedly redeployed from the front.
Having painted most of the starter set in two weeks it was time for the first playtest, the initial game is pretty simple: kill more units than the enemy to win
First on the offence are the clone troopers, they take cover and shoot with their blasters
Next are the droidekas, that rush forward and open fire
While Kenobi and his men advance tentatively, Ahsoka runs for cover
Both sides have engaged in a first and undecisive turn
Next turn, Kenobi seizes the initiative and hits the droidekas
Next to him, Ahsoka charges the superbattledroids, killing one
While clones and droids take pot shots at one another, Grievous and Kenobi clash in the center of the battlefield, starting one of their iconic duels
Both sides recieve wounds, but the jedi's defensive stance gives him the edge
Meanwhile, commander Tano has scrapped some clankers
The droids on the left have been destroyed by concentrated fire while Ahsoka has been injuried
The rest of the B1s soon fall to the superior clone firepower
The duel ends when Ahsoka jumps into Grievous and stabs him in the back
Finally, the last destroyer is blown up by two clone squads

With the planet back on its hands, the Republic readies to face the inevitabe seppy counterattack


B1 battledroids for Legion. These were the first members of the droid army that showed up in Star Wars, notably stupid and little more than comic relief, they form the core of any separatist force. These little guys were a nightmare to assemble, legs, torso and backpack are pretty straightforward, but the arms were a torture to fit. Thankfully, they are easy to paint: two coats of vallejo yellow ochre with an umber ink wash, followed by black weapons with a sea grey drybrush. Should you want to give them any weathering, I reccomend doing it after the wash, since the ink tends to cover up the metal chipping.
Security droids/E-5C heavy weapon
Command droids
E-60R missile launcher


Star wars campaign maps


Corellian Run (orbit BFG, ground Legion)

Friday, 26 February 2021

Ahsoka Tano


No Clone Wars collection is complete without best girl Ahsoka. Let's face it, no Star Wars collection is complete without her either: Ahsoka is love, Ahsoka is life
This model is a 3D print with a transparent resin lightsaber
Since the clones in the box are those from the first seasons I went with the younger Ahsoka
Clothes are vallejo brandywine with lighter red for the highlights and the leggings sky grey with two layers of white. For the skin I mixed yellow ocre with clear orange, increasing the ocre in the raised areas. The hardest part was painting the lekku tails, using Citadel macragge blue

Since she doesn't have a card yet, I made my own for her teen and mature phases, plus command

Nerf: after the first playtest I've decided to give her defence or attack increments only if she spends dodge or aim tokens, that way she fits in line with the other jedi and is less OP. The commander version causes only one wound if one or more defence incrementes were roles, the 2 saber version causes one wound for each increment rolled.
Note that she's an agent and not special forces as shown in the card.