Sunday, 19 June 2022

The Gunk Runners


Located in the hiveworld of Necromunda the Gunk Runners are one of the most sucessful store chains of the planet; their iconic container quioscs can be found not only in the hives but also all over the Ash Wastes, equipped with curteous and attentive roboservitors always ready to process your transaction. 
From guns to driving gear the Runners have got it all
Do you expect to encounter some tough opposition? Why not grab one of the many heavy weapons on sale? Don't forget to add a suspensor web to your purchase tough!
For the discerning ganger the store offers a wide selection of small arms, starting with basics like the humble autogun up to fearsome boltguns to blow your enemies away
Even prospectors will find their needs covered here, with all kinds of mining equipment on offer from spades to pickaxes and wide range of rebreathers for those heading for the ash wastes or the badzones
Determined to cut costs the Gunk Runners use repurposed containers as makeshift stores, and their vendor servitors don't need pay, just a nightly recharge of their energy cells
Anyone fool enough to attempt stealing the merchandise will have to contend with the storm bolters mounted on top of the shop

The Runners can also furnish your gang with fuel
Or a handy case to store all your ammo and valuables

The blockade of Ione


Final game of the Star Wars campaign on the Ione system: the rebels launch a last attack with the hopes of piercing the imperial blockade and landing some ground troops to contest the planet
Battle starts with a cold standoff, both fleets moving on a collision course while launching fighters and bombers ahead
Y wings and TIEs tangle near the gas clouds
First blood to the TIE bombers, a sucessful attack run on a MC80
The imperials quickly close the distance and concentrate all firepower on the closest cruiser
The rebel vessel is gutted by turbolaser fire
The other moncala follows suit,buffeted by broadsides and bombers

Left on her own the Home One jumps to hiperspace and abandons the system

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Sector mechanicus: crane


Last bit of terrain from the Nachmund set to do was this gothic crane, painted in a bright and flashy industrial yellow. This time I went a step further and gave her a metal drybrush over the edges, where the rust has been scoured clean by the acid winds of Necromunda.

Sunday, 29 May 2022

Ione: battle for the refinery

Having seized the skies above Ione the imperials now land to bring battle to the rebels led by emperor Palpatine himslef
Ahsoka and the mandalorians move forwards under the cover of a dust storm in the first turn 
But the emperor and his apprentice are quick to counter the jedi threat

On the right the ATST jumps over the pipes and concentrates fire on a surprised rebel walker

The impetuous Ahsoka is the first to return the blow, swinging her lightsabers against the emperor
As the storm lifts the imperials find their targets, and their concentrated fire kills the ATRT
Vader comes to the help of his master, and the reckless togruta starts to recieve wound after wound
Finally a squad of stormtroopers grabs the last objective and the empire is victorious
The rebels are now against the ropes

Emperor Palpatine


Got a 3D printed Palpatine for this week's game, by far the quickest model to paint ever

Saturday, 28 May 2022

Sector Mechanicus: ferratonic furnace


Coming up next in the terrain front is a massive deposit from the sector mechanicus terrain set. In order to make it look a bit cooler I added a cardboard surface in the interior and painted it to look like some corrosive acid with bones floating on the surface.
The cog and skull of the Mechanicus is featured profusely all over the vat
I changed my technique from the other scenery pieces, this time the brown stippling that forms the base of the rust was applied with a brush instead of a sponge, so the corroded area is far more extensive
A small hatch in the lower part of the vat allows for its contents to be emptied out quickly
While a blast door on the side gives access to those unfortunante enough to be on scrubbing duty
The vat comes with a platform that will be a vantage point in our games 
I added an extra tile to mount the little crane that you get with the set

The deposits that I painted last week came with two extra hatches, that will be used as underground entrances or combined with oter pieces

The sets can be put together as an acid vat
Or a blast furnace