Wednesday 26 June 2019

The underhive crusade: vengeful harridans

 Klovis subjected the surviving mutants to the punishemnt of decimation, killing nine in every ten, and then we began our trek back to the upper Hive, leaving behind that Emperor's forsaken realm
 However we found a lecherous force barring our path, the Eschers, impudent as they where, dared to cross the path of the Redeemer, standing in the way of his Holy mission
 As I observed from the rear he led the crusade against the idolatresses
 One of our brave novices was the first to claim blood, downing a sinner with a rather enthusiastic spray of his autopistol
 Klovis and a zealot brought down another witch with accurate fire
 In our left, brother Mercis advanced fearlessly against the sinful masses, torching them with the purifying flame of the Emperor
 Meanwhile Deza charged
 And spread the flames of righteousness amongst the unbelievers

 Brave Mercis stood alone against the she-devils, taking down two on his own
 But he paid for his fervour with a blistered skin as he in turn was flamed
 In sorrow rather than in anger, the Redeemer blasted a harpy with his trusty shotgun, granting her redemption for countless crimes, truly it can be said of him: 
"Prince, slow to punish, quick to reward, he suffered when he was obliged to be hard"
 The sad remnants of the self appointed "blockade" where soon brought to heel

 Now only the ignorant escher leader stood against the army of salvation and she was soon rightfully assaulted for her troubles
 Craven as they were the arch-sinners turned tail and fled, proving once again that only the faithful have the frenzy of battle, the all cleansing fire that will save Necromunda!
"Three glory be's for the Redeemer!"

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Plague Daemons and Army Shot

 For the 30k Signus campaign I still had to paint some more daemons lent by my good friend Albert, these where an unclean one plus some plaguebearers
 I tried a new technique for them, namely a drybrush followed by an ink wash, it turned out pretty well I think, giving them that dirty look I was after

 Command group, the older 'bearer is the boss of the unit with a bigger base
 Lovely 6th edition daemons, better than the previous ones and pair with the actual plastics

 The greater daemon is from an unknown source

 Daemons of the ruinstorm 1500pts

Lord, mastery level 2, flying MC, shred
Greater Daemon, mastery level 2

10 lower daemons, rending claws
10 lower daemons, rending claws
10 lower daemons, rending claws
10 lower daemons, rending claw, wings
10 lower daemons, rending claw, wings 
 10 posessed

This is arguably my hardest 30k army, you can buff up the daemon bosses to S10/T9 4+ feel no pain and eternal warrior, plus a trait gives you points for each unit that you kill AND lose in combat. Add to that that you can deploy in the enemy's face thanks to warp rifts and you've got a pretty much unbeatable combo.
 Flying lessers from the nighthaunts range
 Daemon lord (left) and greater daemon (right)
 Bloodletters from mantic

Friday 21 June 2019

The underhive crusade: dregviants

 Hear now my brethen the telling of Klovis the Redeemer's saga, an enlightning example of virtue and valour, piety and compassion that shows us the way to purge the enemies of the Emperor.
I stood by his side as he recieved dire news from a young zealot...
 The "dregviants", a pestilent mob of mutants had been terrorizing the denizens of the underhive, showing such a blatant display of their crimes truly they where in need of redemption
 And so, my beloved messiah led us into the depths of the underworld to cleanse that hotbed of sin and damnation with the purifying flame of the Redemption
 Such was the terror that he instilled in the unbeliever that a young mutant fled a the mere mention of his name
 The degenerate mutants cowered behind cover as our rightful forces approached
 With a hymn to the Emperor on his lips Klovis led the charge against the subhuman rabble
 Shouting "feel the fury of the Redemption" a brother let rip with his trusty autogun, downing a hulking, malodorous brute
 Valiant Deza showered the recumbent form with cleansing and porifying flame, sending it in his way to meet the Emperor's vengeance
 Loath to stay aside I led the faithful in glorious battle against the infidel, riddling one of the scum with bullets of blessed lead
 At my side Klovis rallied us with an inspring "it's cleansing time!
 Carried away by frevour I charged the repugnant vermin, caving its head in with my axe. So easy to kill despite their unholy aspect! Truly they are not evolution but evilution!
 One of our brave novices was set alight by one of the sinners, such effrontery!
 Their physical corruption was equalled by the state of their minds, as they fired way before our implacable crusaders came into range, showing thus that ours is the true path both in mind and body
 With certain satisfaction I gave the coup de grace to the mewling abomination at my feet
 I looked up just to see Klovis destroy another deviant filth with his mighty sword of persecution
 Dear Engeuera was rewarded with the gift of martyrdom, such an envious fate, albeit it would pain me not to be around to witness and pen the holy deeds of Klovis, for the enjoyment and illumination of the faithful of our church
 Another of the mutants was brough down by sustained autogun fire, its blasphemous corpulence no use aginst the tools of the blessed
 Craven as it was, the mutant overlord had been hiding behind its deranged followers, now he let fly with a rusty heavy stubber, felling our glorious leader in one fatal blow
 But lo behold! He wasn't dead at all, merely injuried, and he exorted me to finish the job saying "you idiot Malakev, smoke out the creep!"
 As I led the final victorious charge the mongrels were being purged left and right
 Pious Deza accounted for his second kill when he beheaded a foul creture with an eviscerator slash
 Seeing before me the hated offensor of my benevolent Mentor I pounced upon him with a prayer of vengeange in my lips, decided to show the degenerate the error of his ways
 Alas! the heretic's unholy strength was too much for such a humble fighter as I, and he knocked me unconscious with a flurry of blows from his many twisted extremities
 As Klovis and the brethen took cover, the craven mutants took to their heels
The Impudent dregviants fled into the shadows of their shame, leving alone the Master of Mankind's flock that was quick to thank us for their deliverance with willingly offered donations under the watchful gaze of our implements of salvation.
Sadly the blows I recieved were too grievous and I had to spend some time recovering, my body being unequal to my soul in its boundless faith in Klovis the Redeemer!