Saturday 18 September 2021

Lepanto: The Holy League

Christian fleet done! Now for the ottomans, ironically enough I won't be able to paint them next week due to being sent to Turkey on a job assignment
The second batch of wargalleys

Fleet command, from left to right: Don Juan de Austria (La Real), Agostino Barbarigo (Lantera), Giovanni Andrea Doria
Two galleasses


And so it came to be that the nefarious hordes of chaos emerged from their mutant hideout to wage war on the faithful. They spread like a cancer over Blackwater island befouling all that was pure and good

Repulsive they were, twisted both in soul and flesh. Truly they are the enemies of all law, both divine and natural, and in imperious need of the cleaninsing fire of the Redemption
And their ranks were swelled by the heretic and the sellsword, by all those whose lust for profit and mundane riches overcame good sense and loyalty to the Throne
But punishment was quick to come: Klovis led us on a purging expedition to liberate the Aquafactorum before the chaos filth could contaminate the island's water supply
And no sinner could withstand his fiery gaze: they wavered and, after feeling the just punishemnt fall from on high on their traitorous bodies, they began to run for it
As ever the Redeemer was first into the fray, leading by example with deed and prayer
Our allies, nobles and assassins, joined us in this holy struggle, lending their skills, their fine wargear to the final battle against the hosts of evil
By shot and fire were their bodies cleansed, paying for their crimes with an agonic death amongst the flames that, painful as it was, merely preceded the holy wrath to come at the hands of Our Lord.

Klovis was then struck by a nefarious blast of wyrd power. As ever the Emperor watched over His chosen paladin, and the Redeemer was unharmed. ¡Praise be!
And the Master of Mankind decended amongst His faitful, filling them with holy power as they brought low the serpent of heresy with fiery blows of their blessed weapons
Shot and shell crisscrossed the air, wounding a loyal templar next to me . However in his pain he didn't lose his zeal, urging us onwards to avenge such a blasphemous act
Impelled by his sacrifice we advanced, scrouging and purging as we went
And the Alien, the Heretic and the Mutant were slaughtered, cleansed from the holy face of Necromunda by the power of the Redemption!
The day belonged to us, the water processor had been secured, and with it the lives of millions of faithful servant of the Throne. ALL GLORY TO THE EMPEROR!

Saturday 11 September 2021

Save the guild

Praised be the Emperor, Hope and Lord of all Mankind. In His name we fight against the hordes of evil, in an endless crusade to rid the holy ground of Necromunda from filth and deviation. After his resounding sucess in Port Blackwater blessed Klovis ventured south, heeding the call of the servants of the Omnissiah. Seeing such servants of Our Lord imperiled by the nefarious eschers, he was quick to come to their aid, filling our hearts with the fire of zealous vindication.
An example to us all he was first into the fray, charging ahead of the faithful towards the heretic lines
Those detestable harridans had entrenched themselves behind some machinery, but nothing coud stay the pious onslaught of the Redeemer
Into the Slaver Guild he charged, punishing their evil deeds with the Sword of Persecution
We were quick to aid him, torching the foe with the blessed flames of Redemption
As the zealots grabbed some goods, an agile bounty hunter Klovis had converted joined us in the fight
In the footsteps of our mighty messiah we advanced, felling heretic after heretic with sword and fire
The sinners were too blind to his rightful purpouse, and they even had the effrontery to open fire against the Redeemer. Despair not faitfhul reader! for I was there to take the hit, launching myself between the mercenary volley and his most holy persona
Cowardly as they were the eschers shunned face to face combat, attacking our warriors in the back
For such sin we punished them promptly, scrouging their sinful bodies with exterminator shots
Alas, brave hunter Alpha was felled by a bolter shot from the Archeretic herself, letting go the Emperor's rightful property from her benumbed hands
The fate of the battle was hanging in the balance: with the credit donations lying in no man's land between the crusaders and their mutant foes
It was then that the Redeemer took matters in his own hands, exorting us to greater deeds when he slaughtered the slaver boss in glorious hand to hand combat
Heartened by his example we took battle to the foe, dispatching their blasphemous abhuman slaves as our voices rose in joyous hymns of victory
Their flank surpassed, nobles and templars charged into the center, laying low those vixens with the power of faith and some well placed flamer blasts
Glory be! The Emperor Himself descended on the battlefield, laying His hand on one of our warriors that became surrounded by golden light as he smote the escher vipers with holy fire
Lady Illaria herself oversaw the final stages of the battle, leading her bodyguards on the final charge that broke the enemy's back
More and more of our warriors came off from the field carrying the donations of the faithful. Despite eschewing these riches as mundane vanities, the Redeemer was sure to put them to good use, buying more weapons and equipment for the Crusade.
And as the eschers retreated the day was once more won by our gloriuous Redeemer!

Lepanto project: christian galleys


Since next 7th october is 450 years of Lepanto I've decided to replay such famous battle at scale 1:10. Here's the first batch of 3D printed galleys: an assortment of christian vessels from the Holy League