Thursday 30 October 2014

Third war for Armageddon 7: The fall of the green lake

 In the final stages of the naval war for Armageddon, a lone ship terrorized the ork vessels that ventured alone into the system, that vessel was the Oberon class battleship green lake, comanded by one of the personal friends of admiral Parol, captain Fitzmander. That ship would met its match over the ice planet Chosin in the shape of another battleship: the Gorbag's revenge.

 Battleship vs battleship
 The imperials seize the iitiative, sending some fighters around her
 The orks advance into the enmy. launching their own ordnance

 Wich the imperial fighters intercept
 The Green lake moves around Chosin to keep distance with the orks, knowing that their main advantage rests in their range 60cmt guns in comparison with the ork's 45
Recieves however some ordanance in her stern, one of wich destroys its shields
 the orks choose not to fire so the ordnance won't be destroyed by the resulting blast markers
 Fitzmander crosses the T of the Gorbag's revenge and inflicts some damage, one critical turns into engines damaged wich will prevent the orks from turning in the next turns
 The orks move into the imperial rear and open fire causing more damage

 Fitzmander moves into the ork rear so his ship cannot be shot at
 But Gorbag's revenge still has claws, and one of its assault boats delivers a nobz boarding party into the bridge wich kills Fitzmander on the spot, a mournful day for admiral Parol
 The Green lake manages to reload ordnance with a miraculous 3 in 2d6 and sends some bombers, which are swiftly neutralized by Gorbag's own craft
 After repairing the damage to its engines, the ork battleship advances into close range and a devastating volley of its front gunz leaves the Green lake with only 1 remaining point of damage
 In the next turn, the orks move into a sucessful boarding ending thus the battle.
The Green lake explodes, causing some damage to the Gorbag's revenge wich is braced
Another victory fot Gazghkull's guys!!

Monday 20 October 2014

Sunday 19 October 2014

The phoenix guard

 The forgeworld guys have equipped their phoenix guard with terminator armour and power halberds, however, if we look upon the book Fulgrim of Graham Mcneil we will realize that they should be equipped with artisanal power armour and a halberd-bolter in the image of the custodes.

Let's see an extract of the book that shows Fulgrim fighting with his phoenix guard and greeting the approach of the warriors of the 1st company who are equipped diferently from the guard.

Only the warriors who had accompanied him on the Firebird fought with him, and though they fought bravely, they were being dragged down one by one, and such a rate of attrition could have only one outcome. He scanned the slopes of the valley for any sign of his battle companies. He punched the air as he saw Julius Kaesoron and the warriors of the First fighting their way through the press of slithering, screeching Laer warriors towards him.
Terminator armour gave each warrior the strength and power of a tank, and though Fulgrim had loathed these inelegant suits of armour at first sight, his heart leapt to see them now. 
 To make the artisanal armour I scavenged some bits from the box of the sanguinary guard, a helmet and a pauldron for each, knives, grenades and a sanguinary glave were also used.

 Brother Thestis, standard bearer of the emperor's children, a character of Mcneil's book
Cloak emboidered with LEG III, the numeral of the emperor's children

Iron Hands finished

 The Emperor reviews the mustering of the Iron hands in terra before their departure for the great crusade

The primarch Ferrus Manus

 My version of the father of the iron hands: a Scibor body, ork arms, scratchuilt shoulderpads and an imperial militia sword. He is wieding the sword fireblade with wich he confronted his fallen brother Fulgrim in the black sands of Isstvan V according tho Graham mcneil's novel Fulgrim.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Third war for Armageddon 6: the gauntlet

The gauntlet, in this specific scenario of the Armageddon war, the orks must sneak at least three captured imperial transports through the imperial wolf packs in order to bring their reinforcements to the planet and achieve victory.

The original scenario had the papers reversed, but since I had no ork escorts for the attackers, that paper was assumed by the imperials, wich is more fluffwise, since Helbrecht and Parol blockaded the planet during the entire war and not the orks.
The orks deploy 45cmt far from a short edge, while the imperials deploy in any point of the long edges, Armageddon is on the opposite short edge.
The imperials have also the first turn, and one of their frigates destroys an ork transport despite bracing!
Their comrades open up on one rok, causing also some damage
The orks retaliate, a torpedo salvo is launched...
... and destroys one frigate
The transports race ahead of the slow roks with all ahead full
who fire upon the imperials with lock on  orders...
...destroying another escort

The orks are close to their objective now, Armageddon looms on the distance, but first they must cross a dangerous area of gas clouds and asteroid fields!
Amongst which a second transport is destroyed: one frigate burns its shields while the other blows it up with lock on
The two first ork transports cross the board edge, reaching Armageddon
While a rok fires desperately at close range upon one frigate, destroying it. Now only one transport remains upon the table, its fate will dictate the outcome of the battle
The last frigate closes upon it, but not even with a lock on is able to finish it
Thus giving victory to the orks!
Wich is added to the campaign map