Wednesday 28 October 2020

Knight lancer


I bought a knight form aliexpress, worst purchase ever! It came without some parts that I had to 3D print, no base either. And the material is some trash over wich the paint keeps peeling, never buying from them again!

3D print pilot

House Cervaria knight household

The battle of Ghetsemane


The Imperial navy brings battle to the foe in the Ghetsemane system, a combined fleet of several battlegroups clashes with a major chaos incursion force
The Hammer of Justice (red) blasts away with accurate shots of her nova cannon, to starboard the big Bloodhawk and smaller Solar Macharius also open fire on the foe
A wing of bombers is repused by turret fire
The imperials have cut through the renegade fleet, isolating a strike cruiser
Another bullseye of the Hammer causes some damage on the Malevolent
The gothic cruiser Drachenfels cripples the strike cruiser with her lances
Bloodhawk and Macharius launch a torpedo salvo into the Blasphemer
Despite bracing for impact, the chaos vessel is ultimately destroyed by a massive bombing run

One last volley from Drachenfels gives the goodnight kiss to the traitor strike cruiser

Both fleets pass by each other
The numerous turrets of the Malevolent scatter the attacking bombers
As both fleets sail away the chaos admiral orders the retreat, only to fall prey to the eldar allies of the Battlefleet Gothic!

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Blackstone IV

I see fortresses in the stars
A circle of six
But they sleep yet, and must be awakened 
Ride upon the stroms of chaos
Gather your rivals around you
Send discord and terror throughout a thousand worlds
Abbadon the Despoiler, Warmaster of Chaos

Seek the Hand of Darkness
Take the Eye of Night
 With these, the citadels will be yours to command 
A chorus of a billion throats
will cry your name in fear and hatred
The stars themselves will run red with blood
If you have the courage for it... Warmaster 
Moriana's prophecy
The Imperial Navy defends Blackstone IV: the retribution battleship Bloodhawk, the cruisers Hammer of Justice and Invincible (in red) and the dominator class Fortitude (top right) with a scattering of fireships
Battle starts with long range nova cannon shots that set an enemy strike cruiser on fire
The Bloodhawk veers to starboard and opens up with her broadside
The lines close up, with attack squadrons crossing no man's space
A fireship valiantly nukes herself, setting most of the enemy fleet on fire
Hammer of justice cripples an enemy vessel, which would burn up in the final phase
The strike cruiser Skalathrax also burns to a crisp after recieving repeated nova cannon hits
The Unforgivable is set upon by three imperials wich reduce her to a burning hulk under merciless broadsides of macrocannon, bombing runs and torpedo hits
Lagging behind, one transport is struck by torpedoes and destroyed
After crossing the enemy line, the Foe-Reaper and the smaller Deathbane move towards the Blackstone
But with half of his fleet destroyed, the chaos player decides to call it a day

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Blackstone Fortress

Forged during the War in Heaven by the eldar god Vault to defeat the Void Dragon, C'tan these weapons have been dormant for eons. At the start of the 41st millenium using the hand of Darkness and the Eye of  Night Abbadon found away to reactivate them, and use their awesome power to conquer the galaxy. Scattered all over the galaxy six of them formed a vital linchpin of the defence of the Gothic Sector, taking control of three of them, the chaos Warmaster managed to destroy several worlds and even an entire star system before the Imperial Navy put an end to his rampage. In more recent times one was smashed into Cadia, destroying the planet entirely, a second was given to Huron Blackheart to seal his alliance with the Despoiler and another was found floating in deep space and is being fought over.

Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken
Devour worlds, smite forsaken
Looking from above the Blackstone forms a chaos star, cool!

The fortress fires raw warp energy from her cannons, ignoring all shields. A weapon capable of destroying a cruiser with a single shot
Chaos fleet 1600pts

Gothic War: Bladen


Reports of attacking Chaos fleets flooded in from all across the Gothic Sector as the Warp Storms reached their peak of activity. Much planning must have gone into their all-important first strike, as the Chaos fleets targeted a dozen major Imperial Navy bases in the sector. With no advance warning, the Traitors struck hard and fast, ambushing Imperial warships as they were in orbital dock or at rest at their stations. Caught unaware and already overstretched by the growing unrest in the sector, the Imperial Navy was poorly prepared to respond to this sudden offensive.
The chaos fleet comes out of the warp and attacks the surprised imperials in the Bladen system

The Sebastian Thor is the first to be wounded by a wave of chaos bombers
The imperials are quick to react, but half of their fleet must face the whole heretical onslaught
Captain Haldor orders ramming speed and smashes into the Malevolence, severely wounding her
The Solar Macharius comes to the rescue, launching attack craft and blasting with her batteries
The traitor vessels have cut through the imperial line, moving around Bladen
But all doesn't go the heretic's way, the retribution battleship Radamanthine destroys the Deathclock with  a volley of macro cannon
Outnumbered the imperials keep on attacking the enemy, to little effect
Severelly damaged by attack runs and lance strikes the orbital station braces for impact
The remaining chaos vessels gather around the Malevolent
While the strike cruiser attacks the station on its own
The Sebasthian Thor keeps on shrugging the bombing runs

With one vessel lost and another crippled the chaos ships make all speed for the warp 

 Victory goes straight to the map