Saturday 6 July 2024

Ambush on the Pyramid of the Sun


"It has been many many months since we departed our dear Altdorf and embarked for Lustria in search of fame and fortune. We landed on this strange land without much trouble, and after trekking inland through the jungle we conquered an immense lizardmen city full of riches. Our success however hasn't been unnoticed, and many foes gather around the Altdorf expedition to take our treasure for themselves: to the north the vile undead roam the land, while beneath us the malign ratmen scurry through the trees. There are even rumours of an army of crazed dwarves further down south, so it appears that this fight has only just begun..."

Journal of Kaspar van Gelt, Feldmarshall of the Altdorf Expedion
Eager to bring battle to the vile skaven I fought during my time in Tilea, I ordered the construction of a road through the jungle to reach their nests in the Pyramid of the Serpent, but while my men were thus occupied the spies discovered that the ratmen had already begun their expansion, marching to the stellar pyramids south of Hexoatl. I couldn't leave this menace unattended, so I led the army southwards to attack the vile mutants before they had time to dug in.
We made a grand show of our advance, burning the rodent nests we found on the way and pushing their scattered outposts before us. I knew that skaven can be an impulsive race at times, and with this provocation I hoped to bring them out of their hovels and into open battle.
it was to be so, for the rats marched forwards to meet us in battle, only to fall in a well planed ambush were we caught them on the road completely by surprise

Proud flew the flags of Altdorf that day, and when I gave the order the guns thundered and the handguns barked, starting the battle with a glorious volley

The ratmen were still positioning themselves when one of our cannonballs blew up a weird looking machine at the heart of their army
The destruction started a massive rout that saw half of the craven ratmen flee the field, running for their lives as the cowards I knew they were
On the other side of the road our mortar scored a perfect hit in the center of a block of spears, sending dozens of rats fleeing and routing the rest
The remaining skaven then charged in desperation towards our wall of fire
But the first loss we suffered was from a carnivorous plant, that ate whole the crew of the cannon who had scored the first lucky hit of the battle
Undaunted I ordered the advance of my flanking force, spearheaded by the steam tank Viktoria, a marvel of engineering that destroyed some massive mutants with its fearsome volley gun
Sigmar be praised, the jungle was equally lethal for our foes, and one of their warlock fell choking on some spores next to a clump of rocks
With one half of their army wiped out by our guns, the infantry charged valiantly into the ratmen
Routing them with ease and sealing their defeat as the sun began to set on the battlefield

With the skaven in disarray the lizardmen temples were ours, and no time was lost in looting their stony halls of gold and jewels. Rich and victorious, I led the host back north, where our foes gather with blackness in their hearts

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