Thursday 27 August 2020

Battlefleet Coruscant


BFG rules for Star Wars

Clone Wars 

Galactic Empire

  Rebel Alliance

Fleets over 750pts must be led by an admiral, jedi/sith, or special character.

Turbolases and laser cannons are treated as regular weapon batteries, while ion cannons hit as lances but instead of causing conventional damage they inflict one critical bypassing shields.

Tractor beams fire as lances but if they hit an escort or a fighter/bomber marker they drag it towards the ship 15cm. In addition the target cannot move without first passing a Ld check. Place a marker next to it to remember the tractor beam's effects. Each tractor beam can only affect one target at a time (place a marker) so if it fires again at another model its effects disappear. In addition the rebel Starhawk Battleship tractor beam only affects escorts and capital ships.

Since there are no teleporters, not hit and run attacks from one ship to the other are allowed.

Sith/jedi: in addition to the Ld bonus they can deploy from the ship in one of the fighter markers (must be different). That fighter has a 3+ save versus enemy markers, and attacks ships like an assault boat with a +1 on the roll.