Friday 25 August 2017

Helm's Deep terrain

 This August I've been building Helm's Deep. This model was made using insulation board, the doors were made with balsa wood plus cardboard while the river is made of cardboard and sand.
 I first began by building the two concentric walls drawing both at the same time over the foam with the help of a compass, the inner circle is one layer higher. Then I made the rock beginning with the top layer, where flagstones were carved with the help of a pencil, leaving a vertical section to fit the wall. The third part was the causeway, made using the smooth sides of the foam for the walkway. It was then time for the deeping wall, made from the bottom down, I did the culvert with toothpicks.
The last step was the small river that, following Tokien's description, runs under the causeway instead of straight down the valley.

 The gates
 Tolkien describes the postern door as being next to the mountain face, with a small path circling around to the gates, said path will be useful for placing ladders too!
 Postern door 
 A flight of steps leds to the outer circle and the deeping wall door
 A second set climbs to the inner wall
 I decided to add a gate to the inner circle to strengthen the defences
 The river has more sections (not pictured) to fit a bigger table

 The way up is steep but not enough for the models to come surfing down legolas style
 The deeping wall, I used a 5cm section to draw the blocks
 A rear stairway connects with the courtyard
 The culvert is was painted in rusty colours, I may treat it as a destroyable door to allow some book-inspired action through it

 A postern door and some steps connect it to the main wall
 And of course...
Most of the fortress is 28mm friedly, just in case

Helm's deep shall never fall while the players of good defend it!

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Imperium vs necrons

 Went to a GW to play a game of 40k, last time I brought only terminators and got pasted so I decided for a change of tactic and bring a gunline instead: tanks, devastators and a typhon (antitank now).
 My opponent brought lots of infantry, a flyer a hover gun and an ark
 I got first turn and opened up: the hover gun died
 Then the flyer
 Next turn the ark was killed despite its powerful shields
 Then it was time for the infantry squads to die

Finally after killing most of the warriors and all the inmortals, the enemy conceded

Warhamer 40k is a game of lists nowadays, bring the more shooty and you win. Custodes are cool and all but it's a matter of who has the better guns.
Since the necrons had ultimate regeneration powers it was a matter of concentrating fire to wipe out units in one turn so they wouldn't recover wounds the next. Since I got plenty of firepower I began with the vehichles and then switched to the infantry.  As in the previous edition necrons are diehards but don't kill much, they are better used as allies to grab objectives.
Also, pointless to take bolter squads when you can have lascannon ones.