Monday 20 May 2013

The bombing of Galway

It's a cloudy day in the Black and Tans's station in Galway, nothing seems unusal for the british forces, and the men go on their business as usual. But Capitain Sagnier and his men are unaware that a column of IRA rifles has surrounded their position moving under cover. Mc Cormak, the republican leader plans to put a bomb into the station and after it blows up launch the assault and finish off the survivors.
 The black an tans'll have to spot the bomber wo starts the game in the cottage at the backgroud, and prevent him from reaching the station before the bomb explodes. The bomb has a timing dice, the IRA decided to put the clock to five turns. 

Game played with a world aflame rulebook.
 A view of the british car park: two vans and one austin armoured car.
 And so the game begins, the armoured car starts moving in patrol.
 The  bomber runs and hides behind a close
 Two soldiers advance to inspect a nearby hill in search of irishs
 Without being spotted the bomber places his charge against the wall
 But seems to have some armoured problems. The Austin spots him and sounds the alarm!
 The IRA shows amongst the confusion.
 To the terror of the patrollers
 A lone irishman tries to put the austin out of action with a  Molotov, but misses.
 Everyone to the windows!
 Shots fall from everywhere into the station, even an irish mortar starts to roar
Putting out of action a lightmachine gun an the royal mortar. 
 the british player decides to move the austin into cover
 and finish off the bomber
 his men try to kill the irishs, but they are in good cover behind the hill and the forest and a 6+ is need to take casualties

 Sadly, the machine gun has no such limitations, killing on 5+, and in a single turn kills half of a IRA unit after avoiding a second molotov.
 But finally the clock rings!
 And blows half of the station alongside with four black an tans including both the two unit's leaders, the morale will resent seriously for that.
 At last an irish scores a hit and the austin burns, a lone member of the crew makes his way out but is killed by concentrated rifle fire. The british player decided not to move it and made the car a perfect target.
 Capitain Sagnier climbs upstairs and kills the remnants of the unit that has advanced boldly in order to take the austin out of action.
 The irish leader directs from safety, behind the hill and near the mortar.
 The brits suffer heavy losses, now just remain Sagnier, his aid Henry and two units reduced to one men!
 Hapily, the chance cards favour them with a disguised agent that cannot be fired from the irish side if he doesen't fire himself.
 Henry, let's run the hell out of here!
 aargh, continue without me, they have hit me in the back
 Must, reach, the, van!
 Too late!
 But the two men remaining won't surrender without a fight! one takes a van and starts to run over IRA surprised men. Meanwhile, the irishs recover a casualty thanks to Gandpa Mac Cormak's Liquor chance card!
 His mate does the same to the wheel of the other
 But their mad run is brought to an end by a hand grenade
 ... and a molotov
 Running from the flames of the molotov the last brit is shoot down by his pursuers.
So a clear irish victory, that althogut 50% of losses has captured the station with it's weapons and information and left no balck and tan alive.

An the disguised brit? Well it seems that undercover life was too much for him as he was seduced by a local girl as a result of another chance card.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Irish War of Independence

1921: two armies: the black an tans and the IRA, confronted to decide the fate of Ireland.  Will the sons of the emerld isle be capable of throwing the brits oversea or will His magesty's troops hold the island into the empire once more?

1:72 scale
The black an tans are emhar's british infantry WWI with the helmets removed and the bonets made of greenstuf. Their vans come from pegasus german trucks and the Austin armoured car of victory/pobeda. The later is an sepecialy interesting adquisition for it comes with 6 comunists of the russian civil war.
The IRA are caesar partisans.

Saturday 18 May 2013

The Host of the Kraken (1)

Dark elf army raiding from the black Ark Fortress of Pleasure

Bolt trower, Lancers and Archers (count as repeater crossboxs) from mantic miniatures. Note that the coat of arms of the Ark (a kraken) is displeyedin all the shields.

 The fortress of pleasure

Thursday 16 May 2013

Mors Sector Campaign Map

After reading some Planetary & mighty empires rulesets i decided to create my own  40K campaign Map. This map is designed to fiels a total of four armies, each one starts with a capital planet and some space to expand and develop, the idea is to confront the planets in the right with the planets in the left (two bad and good alliances) if further players want to join a capital planet and two other planets must be added in additional space. The small planets may have buildings and resources in them assigned randomly.

The movements is by warp jumps, the green lines without numbers are nexus between planets that don't affect the movement, the ones with numbers are the total of movement subtracted. Once moving ito a major planet you may decide in wich territory to deploy so protecting your own capital becomes primary strategycal need. 


Friday 10 May 2013

The siege of Bogenhafen

"After running through a series of adventures in the Empire, me and Gotreck headed to Altdorf looking for some rest and meeting with my brother Otto me and some nightmarish adventure in which he could found his long desired death my friend. If trouble whas he had been looking for, the desperate situation that engulfed Reikland that season surelly provided ll what he whished for, to my absolute despair. Whe were in rout to the capital, in the city of Bogenhafen when it all started"

Felix Jaeger, "my travels with Gotrek, Vol XI, printed in Altdorf 2505

With a friend we decided to start a warhammer fantasy campaign for the dominon of Reikland, the mechanics of the campaign is simple: each player has a turn in wich he can move his forces, the land forces and the fleets moving upstream have up to 10 cmt of movement (the map is a DinA4), fleets moving downstream move up to 20cmt. When an army meets another it stops inmediatly and fights.
Once his army conter collides with another army there is a battle, if the defending army is inside a town it can decide to fight a campal battle or a siege (in wich cas we'll play the siege scenario from 6th edition). The losses are counted by some innovative system: percentages, after the battle you count the total percentage of losses you have suffered and add it to the campaign's control sheet, an arrangement can be made to 25%, 50% or 75% of losses; when tho armies clash you must check the percentatges to determinate the points value of the armies, the one that has most percentatge alive deploys 2000 points (or 1000 defending a siege), the other accordingly to his difference of percentage respect the other. Also each army has a supply base, if it starts a turn without a clear supply line towards his base or a friend's base (because another army blocks the path for exemple) it losses a 10% extra of percentatge due to starvation. The bases can be destroyed just passing over them.

The evil forces  moved first, from the haunted ruins of drachenfels castle (once lair of the dreaded Constant Drachenfels), emerge an undead army that heads for the imperial supply city of Bogenhafen, the imperial forces fortify themselves inside the city and prepare for the siege.
The imperial forces: two units of arquebusiers, one of greatswords, a great cannon, a level 1 fire wizzard, and of course Gotrek and Felix!

Siege preparations
overview of the battlefield
The defenders take the battlements, the piles of skulls represent boiling oil cauldrons,
Gotrek and friends defending the chapel of sigmar
The undead silent horde: a unit of ghouls another of zombies, one of skeletons, two of wights, one vargulf, one spectral host, one necromancer and the vampire lord Luthor von Drak.
The undead start their advance
In the empire's turn, their wizard throws a double one trying tho launch a spell and becomes unable to launch further spells for the time.

The vampire flyes forward with the clear intention of launchng an invocation of nehek inside the town!
The lack of luck of the imperial player becomes evident when after throwing his second misfire of the game the imperial cannon explodes, luckily no one quits the walls
The vampire also thorws a curse of the years over the gratswords
Who after suffering from it tho consecutive turns quit the wall in terror.
Luckily, the vargulf suffers a wound due to harquebus fire.
Also does the vampire who had come perhaps too close of the wall
But the wights and ghouls advance unharmed.
Finally the vargulf is the first undead to reach the walls
A lucky shot of a firearm kills the vampire mount, now he must use a stair to reach the rampart.
The creatures of the night coming closer.

the Vargulf climbs the wall, but due to his disavantageous position finds difficult killing but manages to end off some arquebusers.
But them manages to not to lose the combat for now
Serious peril is reaching menawhile the other end of the line.
But in the empire's turn the arquebusiers kill the vargulf just by making him loose the combat and inflicting one wound. Next to them, the reagruped greatswords prepare to repell further attacks.
The majority of the undeads reach the wall and stairs arise from their ranks to proceed with the storming.
But are meet by a nasty surprise! the defenders pur into them boiling oil with devastating effects, the units suffer casualties by dozens.
Gotrek and felix also bath the wights with the fryer.
Luthor von Drak, furious with the losses sufferd climbs to confront gortek, his wights take rapidly the wall section will it be enough? No! faithful to his anythingslayer reputation Gotrek kills the vampire with just one strike of his ancient axe, suffering in return just one wound. Next to him, Felix is more than able to handle three assaulting wights.

To their left, unfortuanately the arquebusiers lost the combat to the ghouls giving up their section of the walls.
In the empire's turn the reamining arquebusiers manage to kill the undead necromancer and so the opposing army starts to crumble into dust.

After loosing two sucessive rounds of combat and disitnegrating just the champion remains of the units of skeletons, in exchange, the greatswords haven't suffered any casualties.
Last hopes: the tower and the zombies advance against the wall

while the skeleton is beheaded by a greatsword.
Lots of casualties
The spectral host attempts to put the greatswords in the run, but them remain in their place after even winning the combat due to sheer numbers. In the background, gotrek and felix destroy the remmants of the zombies.
The ghostbustres doing their job: in just one round the host is no more.
A solid line against the siege tower
The last attack, the tower reaches the wall, but the wights are unable to cause any casualties loosing half of their strength due to Gotrek, Felix, greatswords and a lost combat.

The outcome:
Empire 25% of losses
Undead 75% of losses

At the end of the battle, the good player makes his move: the dwarf slayer army moves to intercept the dark elves army that's sailing up the reik. The next battle will see the dwarfs and the druchii fighting a battle alon the shores of the reik.