Thursday 28 September 2017

A knife in the dark

 Time for some Middle earth action!
This week's game was the fight in Amon Sûl, the ringwraiths have to kill Frodo while the good guys must banish their assailants. The hobbits have firebrands, which allow them to push back the enemy 2D6, while the nazgûl are far from the power of their master and have half Will and no might or fate.
The hobbits begin deployed inside the ruins, with the nazgûl around, Aragorn may come into play if a 4+ is rolled by the good side at the end of the movement phase.
 Frodo's friends protected him with their bodies between two columns
 While malevolent shadows started to creep into the watchtower

 After a barrage of black darts Merry was killed, and Sam spent all his fate and will
 Seeing that they couldn't do anything at range the valiant hobbits charged in, while Aragorn came to the rescue, no doubt warned by the halfling's death scream...
 Sam pushed back two wraiths with his handy frying pan
 Killing even one of the lot!
 Frodo won his combat, while Pippin retreated
 A quick stab and a ringwraith was killed
 Next turn the good seized the initiative and charged against the remaining wraiths, pushing them out of the circle and saving the day!

 The group can continue their trip towards Rivendell, altough Merry is in dire need of elfic medicine!
Sculpted four nazgûl with putty for the scenario (left and right of the Witch King)

Sunday 24 September 2017

Feel the fury of the Redemption!

 The Cult of the Red Redemption battles fanatically in the underhive  of Necromunda on a seemingly endless crusade to rid the hive city from mutants, witches and heretics. Although their enemies may be many, the faithful never lose heart, for it means that there are more sinners in need of purging!
 These are chaos cultists sligtly imperialized. After filing out all the chaos detail I added some iconic elements such as masks, eviscerators and hoods to make them fit the theme. All the chaos pendants have been modelled into haloes like the ones Guilliman or Celestine wear. For the paintjob, red was a must, with green/blue added in for contrast, purple was used to complement the reds.

They will be played as conscripts in 40k and as a redemptionist gang if I can get either my father or Oriol into a game of necro/inquisimunda.
 The "usual suspects" shots: 
-Say ma'am do you recognize anyone from the gang that burned your settlement to the ground?
-I don't know officer, with those masks on they all look the same to me!

 Get the heretics!

Thursday 21 September 2017

The secrets of Beujuntae

 Played a game of Mordheim with my father today, the misson was pretty straightforward: kill the other. To spice thing up there was a daemon that kept posessing (and even killing) our models.
 My ogre warband takes the fight to the lizardmen

 Soon a swabbie gets cut up by one of my heroes
 Half the lizards retreated to one corner, while the rest ran away

 A skink brave survived the attentions of a carnivorous plant, nothing like experience!
 My banner hero got possessed
 And died
 The last remnants of the right group were charged and taken out of action one by one
 My guide dodged a dangerous native trap

 The last lizards in the palm tree are swiftly finished off
The rest of their warband failed the rout test and fled, giving the field to the maneaters.

In the campaign phase I got enough gold to hire the seventh ogre, time to paint another one!
Magnificent seven anyone?

Saturday 16 September 2017

Siege of Helm's Deep

 Battle at Helm's Deep, the men of Rohan (with help from Aragorn&co.) must held the red objectives for 15 turns to deny the fortress to the army of Isengard. In order to claim an objective, you must have more models within 8cm than the enemy.
The game was played with 1/72 miniatures using GW's rules.
 Let them come, this fortress will never fall while the men defend it!
 Aragorn & Legolas moved to the hornburg
 While Gimli descended some steps
 The heroes inside the keep came down to help the defenders of the outer circle
 Uruks, orcs & dunlendings move in a two pronged assault
 The ladders begin to rise  as the demolition teams head to the gate
 Aragorn & Gimli reinforce the defenders at the deeping wall
 Using two ladders, the isengardians reach the Hornburg
 While their first troops start to climb the causeway
 With three ladders in place, the evil soldiers rush upwards
 One orc kills a rohirrim and bursts upon the ramparts
 as does a berseker

 After some chopping, an uruk hero brings down the postern gate using his might points

 Aragorn kills uruk after uruk, but he can't be everywhere, and the wall is invaded
 A breaching charge reaches the gate
 The postern is held by Eomer and some men (for now)
 The rohirrim abandon the outer wall to defend the gates
 The deep has fallen! Retreat to the keep!
 A charge is placed on the culvert...
 ...and blown up, blasting away the iron grid

 Eomer & Gamling rally the defenders of the outer courtyard

 But then... boom!

 Theoden is killed in the explosion (recieved six wounds!), but the gate still holds

 An uruk captain has crossed the postern but is now isolated from his comrades
 A fourth ladder is placed on the deep
 The third charge goes off, opening the way into the Hornburg

 Eomer leds the remaining defenders into the breach
 While Gamling fights a losing battle in the postern
 Legolas comes from the deeping wall as the attackers charge from the outer circle
 Aragorn & Gimli keep defending the stairway to the main fortress 
 Legolas is felled by a quarrel from an uruk. His low defence made him a prime target for evil shooting during all game
 Eomer and a lone warrior stand against the mass of foes
 The last rohirrim defending the deeping postern is also killed
 The evil soldiers now batter uselessly the inner gate
 Eomer is alone in a sea of enemies; undaunted, he would keep winning fight after fight
 Time is up! Now to round up the objectives, whoever has more models within 8cm of each claims it
The evil side controls: the inner courtyard objective with 3 soldiers to 1 
 The gate
 The postern
 And the deeping wall 
 The good has only the keep objective
With 4 to 1 the good side loses and must retreat to the caves

This was a surprising game in the sense that the main evil attacks on the deep and the gate didn't decidethe day, but the secondary incursion on the Hornburg, which opened the way to key defenceless objectives on the fortress's backyard.

The retreat of the rohirrim from the outer circle eased things for the bad guys, who then rushed to the stairway and the entrance to the keep. However, the isengardians did also commit some mistakes, such as placing the ladders very far from the objective in the deeping wall.

In the excitement of the moment we didn't count kills for Legolas and Gimli, I can say that both got a balanced score, BUT, Gimli killed an uruk captain, that must make him the winner, or it still only counts as one?