Saturday 28 February 2015

Kronate epic marines

 I painted them in brass and red, the colours aof Khorne and based with volcanic sand like the chaos titans.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Horus heresy reinforcements

The scale is fine, not sure about changing the turret tough since I can't find a replacement

First war for Armageddon: the last battle

 After repulsing the chaos in the east and west of the continent, logan Grimnar launches a counter-offensive with the last card in his sleeve: the grey knights!
The set up is a campal battle across the narrow edge of the board.
 The imperials got the initiative and deploy via drop pods in good ol' 3rd edition style

 Harald Deathwolf's longfangs

 And grey knights (bibliothecaries)
 The wolves lower the shields of a warlord wich is destroyed by a vortex warhead
 Altough the fusion of its reactor takes some astartes with it, Harald amongst them!
 The grey knights break the bersekers with slight losses after half of the kronates were pulverized by another missile

 The lone warlord tires to moneuvre after rallying the berserkers, but is killed by concentrated fire
 We decided to make a rematch alongside the long edge this time
 The longfangs deployed before the warlords, and together with their volcano cannons killed the lone chaos titan in that flank without need of vortex missiles

 In the next turn, the longfangs killed some of the berserkers charging towards them like sitting ducks
 While the titans weeled ponderously behind them

And killed the other chaos titan with both vortex missiles

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Astartes forces, defence of Armageddon

 I present you the loyalist astartes that will take part in the first war for Armageddon mini-campaign, first of all the grey knights (wich will be fielded as a 1 base bibliothecary detachment.
The knights are led by brother captain Aurellian, the bibliothecary in the center

 The sapce wolves's grand company of Harald Deathwolf, specialized on long range death

 Astartes assembled
Banner closeup

Sunday 22 February 2015

Building ships for Warhammer/Mordheim

 I devoted this weekend to shipwrithing, I've begun to build a pair of ships for use with the general's compendium rules, wich will be used in Warhammer Fantasy or in Mordheim.

The work beagan in Saturday, the first step was drawing the plant of the ship in thick cardboard, after that I drew the different decks upon the insulation board, each ship would have an aft and prow castles also in insulation board.
 Size compariosn with Francesco, a tilean explorer
 Three layers 3cmt tick for each ship

 The next step was cutting pits for the masts, 1cmt square and one layer deep 
 Masts in place
 Each mast has two perpendicular yards, the top one houses a square sail, while the lower one a longer and rectangular one, in the fashion of the men o war of the XVIII century. The main mast has a top in the middle and a masthead for affixing flags/pennants.

 The fore mast has a crow's nest to watch the seas and a top. This mast's yards and sails are slightly smaller and lower than the ones in the main
 The main mast also has a diagonal yard to house the spanker, this is removable to ease storing
 Both ships with sails
 I glued the decks and left them to stick for an entire night under some (musical) weight
 Sunday saw the planking of the ships, I used thin cardboard strips 2,5 cmt tick, wood glue and office neddles to keep them in place

 The board is tall enough to provide cover while allowing the deployment of cannons
Then I wooded the decks using the plants in cardboard to draw the outline in the balsa wood, I had to cut holes in the balsa over the mast pits.
 I used tick cardboard with a grille of thin one to make some ventilation hatches, the acess hatches were made with thicker balsa wood.
 I planked the edges of the castles with more balsa wood, nailing them in place with three needles and glue.
 The brown ship has a hatch in the forecastle because it will have forward firing cannons under it, wich would need some ventilation to allow the gunners to breathe
 Then I cutted sideboards in thick cardboard, and glued them to the planking using clamps, I left them in place for a night to assure that the planking would be solidly fixed to give a straight appearance to the board.

 Then I added the bases to the castle's edges, they will have rails made with pins, an idea that I picked up from a post in Tom's boring mordheim forum.

 The fore castle has a lower base to give an ascending impression towards the bow
 I then cutted the profiles for the lower decks in balsa wood and glued them to the plants
 A nice bell housing made from cardboard

 Lower decks ready
 It then came to making the gun ports, two per board on the green ship

 And four in the brown, wich allow it to fire forwards or diseways at will
That's all for this weekend, next more!