Sunday 30 May 2021

The straits of despair

After leaving behind that Sigmar forsaken jungle we seered east to reach Trondheim, however one morning I rose up to the tolling of the alarm bell: the lizard mutants were upon us!
With my spyglass I observed some humans on the deck, mercenary scum no doubt

While the brethren took to the guns I led my hunters to the railing. We would give that demon worshipping filth a lesson in modern warfare

However while we were turning around a cannonshot entered by the lardboard bow and killed our priest outright, may Sigmar keep his unlucky soul in his glory
The water was agitated as shoals of sharks surrounded the opposing vessels
Another lucky shot dismounted one of our guns and wounded some of the crew
Fortunately for us master Helmut was worth every gold ducat we payed him, and he killed a repulsive mutant with a well placed shot
The crew was quick to reposition the guns, but more and more shots fell upon us, destroying yet another cannon
While the lower deck was awash with blood, me and the marksmen kept a lively fire, sending the tileans sucrrying for cover

The artillery duel kept going on
And finally we managed to land a telling blow that ravaged the enemy deck
The enemy vessel was now sinking in the water, but they tried to grapple us in a last, desperate attempt
Unfazed, we steered to port and ravaged their ship with canister and ballshot
One of the diminutive scalies tried to jump aboard but he slipped on the bowsprit and fell into the water
Where he was finished off by a cannonball
While this hopeless last stand was going on the mercenary dwarf was swimming in the sea having jumped ship, and after rebuffing the advances of a siren he managed to climb aboard the sinking tub

Finally the crippled hulk sank beneath the waves, and we steerd back to port leaving our enemy behind
A sad note to our victory was the demise of father Hermann, that was comended to the sea as we sang an hymn to our lord Sigmar.

Zombie Pirates of the vampire coast


Cooked up some rules for undead pirates for mordheim

Zombie Pirates

Saturday 29 May 2021

Constantin Valdor

Captain General of the Legio Custodes, the first of the Ten Thousand and ther Emperor's Companion were only some of the titles attributed to the head of the golden praetorians that guarded Him form even before the Unification Wars. According to some sources, Valdor accompanied the Emperor from time inmemorial, always at His right hand. Speculation aside, Constantine was an exemplar of his order, loyal unto death to his master and unflinching in the application of His will. After taking part in pivotal settingsof the Heresy such as Prospero, The Webway and Terra, Valdor would ultimately march into exile after the fatal wounding of the Emperor at the hands of Horus, disappearing from the pages of history and entering into Myth.
Didn't much like the forge model so I made my own from the shield captain kit
This is probaly the last heresy mini (apart from titans) that you will see here, as I've become disenchanted with the setting. Besides I got into it for the novels, and those are coming to an end too.

Dogs of war

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Some mercenarties for our Mordheim warbands. The miniatures were lent again by Albert, but unforrtunately he had primed these metal minis white, so the paint tends to flake and show the undercoat beneath. The cocky swashbuckler is an old imperial noble mini whie the two crossbowmen come from Gamezone miniatures.
Helmut Wimpfen was once a member of the famed altdorfer freiwilligenjägers. Hower after one couple fight too many that may have ended or not with the death of his wife, he had to run away from her vengeful brothers. Ultimately his escape has finally led him to the remote shores of Lustria, where he works as sharpshooter for hire for any band that can meet his price.

Guiglielmo Trello is one of the memebrs of the infamous Monterigioni Company, a mercenary band that hires their services to anyone without asking any questions whatsoever. The prospreous expeditions to the New World have caught the eye of the Company, that has sent its operatives to expand its mercenary market abroad.

The las of the lot is Diego il Fighetto, a sword for hire that once entered the jungle with a tilean expedition only to return months later with a bag full of treasures, swearing that lizardmen had slaughtered the rest of his team. Needless to say no one inquired about the fact that he alone had survived, and those too curious meet a sudden end at the hands of this explorer turned bounty hunter for hire, and their bodies are found adrift in the bay come morning.


Monday 24 May 2021

Charadon sector map


The new charadon book is pretty good, and comes with a map that I couldn't resist editing.

In game terms mining/hive/forge worlds would give you 1/2 additional resources (command/stratagem points) for land battles, and naval bases grant +25pts for BFG battles. Fortresses bring the same resources as a mining world but add extra defences when defending (think battlefield assets, orbital platforms or a bunker), meanwhile control of an astropathic choir would provide you with a 5+ chance to make an extra attack at the end of the campaign turn. Finally civilised worlds provide no benefit whatsoever.

Plan is to keep working on the map as new books are released and more subsectors explored.

Sunday 23 May 2021

The green hell


From our base of Trondheim we sailed on the 12th of Sigmarzeit to explore the rumoured ruins that lay in the Greater Itopanch island, word on the docks is that the place may be defended by natives, so we armed up with pistols and extra ammunition.

Our approach to the city was cautious, but soon we suffered the first loss when father Hermann was grievously wounded by a grapplevine.
Our hounds started barking madly, and I let them go to hunt ahead of the expedition
As I cut my way through the vegetation, a swarm of repulsive bats fell on me intent of bleeding me dry. However I didn't lose my cool and with wild swings of my hammer I managed to drive them away
Suddenly a pained yelp sounded from up ahead: the enemy had been found and one of our canine companions had been injuried or worse!
Quickly I led the brethen to the attack, as the natives were revealed amongs clouds of spores
Brother Hans had trained our dogs thoroughly before the battle, and one of them caught a glimpse of gold and dutifully dragged it back to me
In our right a pair of gigantic lizards were fighting with the hounds, Hans and the devout flagellants soon arived to help our animals in the struggle against the mutated beasts
Meanwhile our zealot had been exploring around the pyramid, and there he found some diminutive monster wich he promptly slaughtered with his hammers
After the loss of our priest the left flank had been left to Sprenger, than saw a heretical sorcerer in front of him and couldn't resist the chance to cleanse him at gunpoint
Ill fated move! The fanatical hunter was soon surrounded by the mutants and left for dead in the mud
Right before me a hound was set upon by a saurian monster, intent on recovering the golden bauble it was bringing back to us

Despite these setbacks the fight on our right was going well, and praise Sigmar both scaly behemoths were brought down by Hans and his men

It was time to turn the tide, and with precise shots of my crossbow I brought down a mercenary salyer, that was soon dispatched by my hunters
Meanwhile our hounds had been pursuing the enemy
But were soon stopped in their paws by another of the big lizards
Battle was winding down, and I instructed my men to recover what treasures they could before retreating back to the ship
A wolfhound killed one of the small beasts and brought back a golden idol
While the rest of my men finished off yet another lizard and began the long walk to the shore. We recoverd our wounded, Sprenger looks bad and will have to rest in the ship, while one of our canine companions has been taken from us by the monstruous scum.
Kramer, 15th Sigmarzeit 2021 IC