Tuesday 20 August 2019

Necromunda Campaign Maps

Plenty of locations for the new Book of Judgement rackets system

 Uprising campaign

 Helmwar's Graveyard

Monday 19 August 2019

Culloden Battlefield and Fort George

 I've recently returned from a trip to Scotland, When in Inverness I went to the Culloden battlefield and took some pics. In order to get there you'll have to pick bus nr5 before the post office at Academy with Queensgate streets. The bus passes at :35. 
After about one hour ride you'll arive at the vistors centre above.
 The return bus passes at :25 if I remember correctly
 You can opt to go straight to the battlebield or pass by the exposition center for a small fee. 
There are several items of interest like scottish engraved glass
 Prince Charlie had a scuffle with the biritsh on his way to Scotland
 Period weaponry

 Propaganda fan showing the young pretender between ireland, england and scotland
 The french actually managed to send some aid through the blockade
 Instruction manual
 Clansmen gear
 Including this piece for shielding fire from the wind

 Highland dirk
 Clansman shield worked with celtic konts
 Fake news of the day: french soldiers shown prominently in the rebel camp
 The deployment

 Shield reverse, notice the arm straps
 Pistols and a nice powder horn
 Recovered bullets

 More unearthed bullets, deformed due to impact with bones and other hard surfaces

 Surpisingluy they found twice as many clansmen muskets than swords, toppling the myth of the highland charge in favour of a more ranged battle
 Impressive video
 The battlefield itself is a flat moor with some paths

 There is a reconstructed cottage
 Ubiquitous cows
 On the right side of the fild there are the tombs of the clans but since  all were throwns together in a ditch afte rthe battle and these toms were digged many years after the gruping by clans seems dubious
 Funerary monument

 There are some raspberry bushes if you wanna stop for a quick snack

 It rained a bit, but on the plus side we had a beautiful rainbow

 Some slabs show the positions of the regiments along both sides

 A nice touch that should be imitated at Waterloo and Borodino is the two lines of flags that show the starting positions for the battle

 The leanach enclosure, which battlenecked the jacobite right, has been partially rebuilt

 With a bit of rain
Slugs go away

 The british line

Over the wet ground
The slug drags around

 Next to the visitors center there are some cute Highland cows
It's an emooo cow
 Earlier that day I went to Fort George, you can get there from the same bus stop, number 5A that passes at :05, however it's a bit of a walk to the fort so you're warned!