Saturday 24 February 2018

Space hulk rebased

 I had a spare round base from the bikes and I decided to upgrade the old hulk into something more lagal, I used putty and cork bark to anchor the flying stem in place
 The hulk is now shorter and broader

Comin to get cha!

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Guildford courthouse 1781

Battle of Guildford Courthouse, after the briritsh army's victories at Camden and Cowpens in our campaign, general O'Hara must face an ingent patriot force in order to safeguard the King's realm in the southern colnies. With Cornwallis and Tarleton dead it's up to him to lead the redcoats to victory
 The americans are formed in three successive lines on rough ground, while the loyalists are concentrated on the opposite side of a wheat field
 O'Hara loses no time in forming a gunline
 The americans fired some long range shots with their artillery, while their lines reformed into a single cohesive front
 The stone walls slow down the movement in the center but the flanks wait patiently
 Some mounted militia ranges ahead of the main force

 Standoff in the woods between the riders of both sides
 After an inconclusive clash on the left, the british dragoons retreat
 The american militia goes over the top, advancing into the thin red line
 Shootouts and hand to hand erupts on the loyalist right
The mounted militia is caught in column , rolling less HtH dice
 And duly routed
 A mauled unit of redcoats routs the rightmost continentals, pushing the patriots over their morale threshold, forcing a morale roll next turn
 O'Hara, dies while fighting in the first rank, a noble death that's becoming a trademark for british CiCs during this the campaign
 In the center, the militia charges the shaky redcoats who recieve them with a vicious volley
 Menaced by the dragoons, the continental regiments on the left reform into line
 Riddled with bullets, the militia unit is cut to pieces in combat and flees
As the americans fall their morale roll their army begins to disintegrate, legging it. and giving a hard earned victory to the king's men

Sunday 18 February 2018

Thursday 15 February 2018

Cowpens 1781

 Refight of the battle at Cowpwens in our ongoing southern theatre campaign.
 The british deploy on an open plain, in front of them, the americans have two bait units of militia and hidden reinforcements behind. I used cards for these, king, horse and prince where the units, with four other cards of decoy. The american player could move the decoys around in order to keep the british guessing, but if a redcoat unit came within 5cm of a card inside a forest or could trace unobstructed line of sight to a card on open ground could look it up.

 The brits begin by opening up with their guns
 The loyalists then advanced
 A unit of militia with yellow facings was deployed up front
The patriots showed up their cards, infantry on their left and cavalry on the right
 The infantry formed columns to squeeze through a gap in the forest
 A unit of minutemen is charged in the flank
 And speedily routed
 Tarleton died while leading his dragoons to glory
 The british center closes into the ragged militia lines
 Massed americans advance near the river
 The american cavalry decided to dismout and engage in a shootout
 The regulars rout another unit of militia
 The first line of militia is destroyed, but the advancing british have taken a hiding
 One volley from the continentals and the redcoats flee
But then, the american player fails the morale check and his army retreats from the field

Sunday 11 February 2018

Custodes Jetbikes

 Wit all those new custodes models it was inevitable that I got some, the ones that caught my interest the most were the vertus praetors on their bikes and here they are. Painted as usual with the old GW brown ink, I decided to throw in some shields to make them look more like Sam Wood's artwork:

 In the same line, my Emperor got a new clawfist more in keping with the artwork
 Eagle head trimmed carefully a from a guardian spear