Wednesday 24 February 2016

Sahagaún 1808

In this battle the british vanguard under Lord Paget attacks the cavalry screen of Marshal Soult's army, Soult was canny enough to escape with his army from the clash but his scouts took a serious beating!
 Lord Paget at the head of his light dragoons
 French cavalry led by César Alexandre Debelle, they were of poor quality so I've rated them reliable/amateur which'll give an edge to the valiant/veteran brits

 The british got the initiative and charged
 The french fanned out

 The french refused their left
 While the british charged their right

 Both generals joined the fray with Lord Paget being killed! The combat was even
 French dragoons now charged forwards
 Debelle, joied them, ad now was his turn to being wounded
 The dragoons retreated in confusion after the loss of their commander
 Only to be charged from the flank by the british
 And rout
 The chasseurs charged the british rear
 But the dragoons turned back
 And repulsed them
 Only to charge afterwards
 The remaining dragoons moved to turn the british flank
 But the light dragoons were close in pursuit
 The chasseurs routed and now things looked grim
 Faites soner la retraîte!


 The french turned around and charged their pursuers, Gengis would be proud
 But the second dragoon unit was coming around by Sahagaún

 Things went now this side now the other until the french finally routed

The outcome went quite like the reality tough the french showed more manouvrebaily than their historical counterparts

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Heavy support squad

 The Imperial Fists devastators re-roll armour penetration, so these'll give me a good shot against enemy vehicles, pun intended

Sunday 21 February 2016


Everyone likes the one on the right more but I think that the one in the left is more realistic

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Vimeiro 1808

 Junot has finally managed to gather his army and marches on Wellesey intent on pushing him to the sea
 The french got the initiative and began by bombarding a helpless british unit on the ridge
 The french left under Henri Delaborde marched to Vimeiro, garrisoned by the british avant garde
 General advance
 The brits were quick to answer, sending their light dragoons over the bridge that crossed the Toledo brook
All of the british army advanced, save their left that moved to Ventosa 
 The french right, led by Solignac deployed in line just out of musket range of Toledo
 The dragoons moved to cover from the british cavalry...
 ...the main assault on Vimeiro
 The british guns were forced to limber by counter battery fire
 The french took Vimeiro without any trouble

 Save that their general, Delaborde, was killed during the assault, he died a hero's death tough so I'm ok with that!
 The british lost no time in garrisoning Toledo
 And Ventosa
 In their far right half of Lord Hill's command descended from the heights
 While the other half charged the dragoons who failed to reform into line
 The combat was even...
 ...til' french infantry stormed out of Vimeiro and crashed into the light dragoon's flank
 With predictable consecuences
Now Lord Hill sent his infantry trough the Alcarabichela and into Vimeiro 
 The Toledo brook kept separating the opponents in the center
 But soon the french were on the attack again!
 The british guns were forced to limber yet again, and with enemy dragoons dangerously close
 Lord Hill's men kept crossing the river under innefective fire
 The dragoons fell short of their charge, with their horses stuck in the river bed's mud
 The french guns now opened fire upon Toledo, heralding an inminent attack by Solignac's massed columns
 Hill thought again and retreated his men to the other bank of the Alcarabichela, judging the french position too strong
 Wellesey sent some infantry in line to shot upon the french however
 Soon a violent fusillade erupted across both banks of the brook
 The dragoons made contact, altough suffering some loss from canister
 Assault proceeding in Toledo with the defenders concentrating their fire upon the grenadiers
 The guns never really had any chance
 Junot, leading his cavalry was wounded and taken to the rear in improvised stretchers made with a pair of muskets and a saddlecloth
 Wellesey, also wounded retreated from the field
 The british center fell back
 As did Hill's infantry
 The fast flowing water was making the advance difficult for Solignac's command who also wanted to assure sucess by a combined charge of both his units at once
 The dragoons now fell upon the retreating infantry

 Who cooly wheeled about
 Now the french stormed Toledo
 Solignac, leading from the front was wounded, now the french sucess rested in the hands of nothing but AdCs!
 The grenadiers tough were well disciplined and motivated and drew the british out 
 The dragoons were repulsed, something expected after the losses they had suffered. 

 But they didn't have had enough and charged again despite their blown horses.

 However the british were too stubborn to die, and the french command decided that they had done their part in slowing the infantry moved them to the rear. New french units were already crossing by the bridge with lethal intent

 These french now charged across the bridge
 And routed the exhausted redcoats

 With the last british units regrouping around Ventosa, the whole french army now moved against them
 The imperial guns also unlimbered and moved quickly to the right

With the situation looking beyond desperate the british player gave up.

So quite a non historic outcome with the french destroying two thirds of the british army without suffering any loss, the only part which looked remotelly like the actual thing was the brits running from the grenadiers, since back then they tought that none less than the imperial guard was coming upon them (due to the french bearskin hats) and run rather than face the "legendary" guardsmen.

 I'm sure that if my father finally managed to learn the rules and how to properly use his forces he would achieve at least one victory! But as per now he's worse than the Prince of Orange XD.

Also putting books under the grass may be a solution in a rush, but now I see that a proper ridge is needed so I'll make one in the near future