Monday 30 November 2015

Epic Black Templars

 Sunday afetrnoon I picked up the brushes and got ready some Black Templars, nothing just 100 marines, 5 land raiders and Grimaldus.

 I swear I had never painted so many plastic guys (or crosses) in one batch, my hand hurt like after doing a long exam

 Grimaldus is from the newer range of marines (in  MK7) which are remarcabily bigger 

The command models need flags, I'm waiting until I have ready the American Revol I mean Rebellion flags to print them together.

Black templars flags

Sunday 29 November 2015

Metalica subsector in 30k

To use with the Conquest campaign system in the Conquest FW book or as a BFG campaign

Friday 27 November 2015

Gargant big mob (blood axes gargant)

 The last gargant, this time from the blood axes clan

 All together now!

Wednesday 25 November 2015

BFG game

 We played another game, this time by the english rules and not the spanish translation.
We rolled escalating engagement with just one "division" in space and the rest joining afterwards. The "green teram" rolled badly for leadership (6) while the red one rolled superbly (8) a fact which pretty much decided the battle.
I left my camera home so I had to took rather crappy pictures with the mobile 

Order of battle

The red team
Dominator cruiser
Dictator cruiser
Squadron of 3 sword class frigates

The green team
Dictator cruiser
Dictator cruiser
Squadron of 3 sword class frigates
 Two dictators faced off on the first turns
 Joined soon by a squadron of three sword class frigates each
 A pic of the third turn with all the ships engaged, the greens had the misfortune of one cruiser entering from the other edge of the board which left the reds free hand for destroying the rest of the force
 First to fall was the dictator

Followed by a frigate blown up by bombers, the rest of the squadron (top) was wrecked by the red dictator's guns

The surviving cruiser found itself surrounded by enemies and disengaged soon afterwards

Sunday 22 November 2015

Saturday 21 November 2015

Scratchbuilt gargant tutorial

 After being asled in the internet I've made a tutorial about how I made the gargants. The first step is to cut four plates for the sides of the body and a base, be sure to leave some space on the front plate for the "belly" gun. The basic material I've used is tick cardboard altought you can use any material you're familiar with.
 Then glue it all together
 Then cut an appropriate plate for the shoulders, note that you should leave enough space on the sides to cover the arms and place the shoulder turrets
 Next make the head, an empty trapezoid covered with a stripe of cardboard
For the belly gun stick together two drinking straws cutting the enveloping one along its length
Once the gun has been glued use cardboard to make the planking, be sure not to make  a regular pattern, orks are a caothic race and you should reflect that
For the face place two fittingly menacing eyebrows and a jaw, all made of tick cardboard
Then place two turrets on the shoulders for them I've used parts from a toy tank
For the feet use two carboard platforms with smaller sections as ankles

Get sure that they'll support the weight of the gargant before gluing! I've found that the ankle tends to break appart so you could consider sturdier materials for that
An ork glyph is always a nice touch
Then on to the arms, for that you'll need toothpicks, plasticard and a plastic sprue. Bread sticks optional depending on the hunger that you may have.
The possibilities for close combat weapons are limitless, here we have a chainsaw made out of plastic sheet and carboard but you can use choopas, wrecking balls and even small screws as drills

Glue the plasticard tube as shown here, the pointy end'll fit inside one end and the other'll be covered by a ring cutted open
Use the sprue to make the main arm with a plastic cilinder on its end as articulation
You can use parts of the sprue to make a lifta dropa too

More complicated weapons can be made such as this pincer following the same principles
The head wouldn't be complete without a putty  robotic eye (gaze of Mork) use a pen to make the circle
For the base cut a 60mm diameter circle on a plastic sheet (which doesn't warp in contact with water or paint)
As a finishing touch make two exhausts out of drinking straws and glue them in the back with the help of a cardboard strip

And there you go! It should take you around two-three hours, if you want to make more gargants just repeat the steps and multiply the time.