Wednesday 25 November 2015

BFG game

 We played another game, this time by the english rules and not the spanish translation.
We rolled escalating engagement with just one "division" in space and the rest joining afterwards. The "green teram" rolled badly for leadership (6) while the red one rolled superbly (8) a fact which pretty much decided the battle.
I left my camera home so I had to took rather crappy pictures with the mobile 

Order of battle

The red team
Dominator cruiser
Dictator cruiser
Squadron of 3 sword class frigates

The green team
Dictator cruiser
Dictator cruiser
Squadron of 3 sword class frigates
 Two dictators faced off on the first turns
 Joined soon by a squadron of three sword class frigates each
 A pic of the third turn with all the ships engaged, the greens had the misfortune of one cruiser entering from the other edge of the board which left the reds free hand for destroying the rest of the force
 First to fall was the dictator

Followed by a frigate blown up by bombers, the rest of the squadron (top) was wrecked by the red dictator's guns

The surviving cruiser found itself surrounded by enemies and disengaged soon afterwards

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