Wednesday 28 February 2024

Legion ARC troopers

"ARC troopers, you've been selected for this task because you're the best, the elite. You all know what to do. The success to your mission is our key to victory. When you get into position send word as planned. Then I will join you"
General Kenobi: the Clone Wars (2003)
The Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos were truly the elite of the Republic's forces. Chosen among  the best clones of the army they were issued the most vital missions, often risky incursions behind enemy lines, and proved their worth countless times during the war versus the separatists. For such an iconic unit I wanted something special, so I copied the look of captain Fordo's squad (above) from the 2003 animated series.
This elite squad of clones is the last unit to get my republic forces to the standard 800 points for our Legion games. The are 3D prints from SEB miniatures and were pretty quick to paint: a drybrush of white over vallejo sky grew, a splash of colour and finally some dusting and chipping to give them the signature weathered look of my clones

Monday 26 February 2024

Imperial preacher


The Adeptus Ministorum is a warrior cult, so it's not unheard for many priests to take up arms and join the faithful in the myriad wars that Mankind fights against its foes. This 1992 model is one such preacher, armed to the teeth with chainsword, laspistol and lasgun, also carrying on its back many texts and pamphlets to bring the Emperor's light to the ignorant masses.
The mini showed up first in the sisters of battle range of 2nd edition, so I opted for a vintage paintjob, including the iconic hazard stripes so popular back then
The backpack is full of stuff: a holy relic, water bottle and some holy texts, all tied together with rope and faith in the Emperor!
The big scroll-pole wasn't originally part of the miniature but is rather an ingenious conversion taken from inquisitor Karamazov's Throne of Judgement

Monday 19 February 2024

Necromunda gunslingers


The arbites player brought this venerable 1992 model to our last game, it was so caractherful that I couldn't pass the chance to paint it

Originally this gunslinger came with a plasma pistol, but the owner replaced the gun for a bolter pistol and added a backpack

The second gun for hire is rather a wallapop rescue, converted from an imperial bike rider with marine scout bits and plenty of putty
Being a military type I went for a cadian paintjob, with camo green and drab browns

Saturday 17 February 2024

Stop the rig

Long and hard had been our pilgrimage on the deserts of Necromunda, but then a joyful new reached the ears of Klovis: a war rig full of water had been spotted heading for the ruins of Echolus Hive.
Such a bountiful prize could not be left on the hands of the heretics, and so the Redeemer enlisted the help of some goliaths to launch an ambush on the unsuspecting convoy
Mighty was the deviant host, full of guns and sin, but as ever the Redeemer led us fearlessly into the fay

Our goliath allies claimed first blood, ramming their crude tank into the rig, opening up with shortguns, bolters, and even a lascannon
The vile heretics dared ram the holy Pulpitek, and breaking left tried to make a run for the city
But their recklessness proved their undoing, and their rotten carriage burst into flames after damaging our mighty chariot of Redemption
And so were the heretics scattered on the priceless sands of  this orb
Far from us I could see our allies, engaged in a vicious battle with the arbites, the scum of Necromunda

With the Pulpitek almost wrecked, Klovis ordered us to jump aboard the rig and take control
And while some crusaders fell, the rest made it aboard
Engaging in a life or death struggle against the bounty hunter protecting the cockpit

The vile mercenary dared lay his hand on the servants of the Emperor, and the rig pressed on despite our holy onslaught

In flames and leaving a dust cloud behind, the massive truck raced through the ash wastes
But then, in a stroke of pious fury, the bounty hunter was hurled from the rig by brother Neroscis, who then kicked out the escher driver and took the wheel

The day was won, and Klovis fired the Pulpitek's autocannon into the truck's wheels to secure the prize
In a last act of spite, the cowardly eschers ganged up on the goliaths
But the Emperor had decreed our victory, and with a press of the accelerator I slammed the Pulpitek into the rig, stopping it for good!

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Purge on the Dust Road


Harken now to the words of Redemption, for now I shall relate the tale of how the Ecuatorial Crusade conquered the sinners of Dust Road, and brought light unto the ignorant and the faithless
Having routed the vile eschers in the Jardlan hold, Klovis led us on a trek over the ash wastes
The boundless expanse of the Dust Road was being plagued by the goliath heretics, and it was the duty of the true believer to bring battle to that gang of blasphemous mutants
Aboard the Pulpitek we rushed into the hated foe, the guns of the crusade blazing with holy fury
And by the blessing of the Emperor our shots found its mark, wrecking their heretical wagon of sin
We then advanced into the foe, our autoguns ripping into their ranks
And soon the holy flames of Redemption engulfed the foes of the faith, setting them alight in a divine inferno as just punishment for their unspeakable sins
The clogging dust and horrid weather had disabled some of our weapons
But undeterred, pious Klovis descended and started dispensing his judgment with plasma pistol and eviscerator, singing all the way holy verses in praise of the Master of Mankind
Following his example, the bulk of the crusade disembarked
While I myself rammed the enemy tank destroying it for good
With most of the meatheads wounded, the holy struggle devolved in a frenzy of hand to hand combat, where powered by faith and zeal the crusaders triumphed once again
Laying waste to that band of deviants and heretics...
... and claiming the Dust Road in the name of our blessed lord, the Emperor!