Thursday 25 February 2021

Clone Troopers


The first minis  of the starter set that I painted were of course the iconic clones. As Obi Wan would put it I didn't do nothig too fancy: over a black basecoat I painted the armour panels with vallejo sky grey, and proceeded to give them a general white drybrush followed by second one over the raised areas. Then I painted the weapons and the undersuit black and gave the guns a  sea grey drybrush. The bases are vallejo leather brown with an english uniform drybrush.
Squad 1: firing
Squad 2: advance
Squad 3: at ease
Clone command, sergeants (green) and liutenant (blue)


  1. Really nice paint work! I shudder at painting white figures. I have fought off the urge to get into Legion, but it is very tempting. BTW I like your Kenobi as well. I think going with the hair color from the animated series was the right choice. Love the blog. Subscribed via Inoreader and following! :-)

  2. Thanks! I dreaded painting them too, but in the end it was pretty easy