Tuesday 29 November 2022

Battle of the Great Harbour


A clash of triremes today with the battered athenians trying to force their way out of Syracuse during the Peloponnesian War
Fewer in number the syracusans form at the harbour's entrance
baiting the athenians to get closer...
Then springing into action
First blood for Athens with a side ram
Then a trireme is cleaven in two by their foes
And soon both fleets clash prow to prow
Fire arrows crisscross the sea
And vicious boarding actions are fought
The athenians gang up on a poor syracusan vessel
And get their first prey of the day
The sicilians have more hoplites on board however, and weight of numbers starts to tell in the confused melees fought ship to ship
More and more athenian triremes are captured
And some losses suffered
The northern battle has been won by Syracuse
While in the south Athens emerges triumphant

Another trireme is bruatally rammed on her side
While other galleys engage in melee
The last dregs of the southern syracusan force hold on for dear life
But it's all over for Athens that loses ships left and right

Battle comes to an end
With a crushing athenian defeat

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Necrember: plasma and silos


Another week another set of scenery pieces. With these done I've only the ferratonic furnace and a tower left to complete all my Necromunda terrain (for now of course)

Plasma generators


Sunday 20 November 2022

Mons Olympus


The reconquest of Mars comes to a head with a final battle in the sprawling forge-city that extends over the slopes of Mons Olympus, fortress of the traitor Kelbor-Hal and seat of the Dark mechanicum
In the open industrial areas the reavers of the Legio Astorum advance with armoured support
On the other side of the battlefield the swift warhounds move around a complex of blast furnaces
Princeps Helgan comes under heavy fire but restarts her shields with a repair order
The reavers seems to be way outgunned by the bigger engines, but thanks to a smart use of cover and reactor pushes they manage to stay alive
The Spirit of Victory moves into the open with the typical arrogance of the legio, shrugging enemy fire thanks to its trait and legion abilities
A less armoured warhound is blown up by Mortis however 
Princeps kallian takes his vengeance next turn by killing the enemy warlord with plasma annihilators
In the main avenue a titan smashes an enemy stormlord to a pulp with its fist
Another massive warlord is killed by reaver and leman russ fire
After helping in the demise of the enemy command titan the Astorum warhounds duel with their traitor counterparts, felling one of the corrupt engines
With its death we run out of time and the campaign ends in a solid loyalist victory; Mars is purified of scrapcode and the traitors flee to the warp

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Nercember: pipes & gantries


Painted some more scenery, this time a set of pipelines, a recharging station and a gantry made from two leftover sections from the plasma generators.
The pieces were sprayed black then rustes with a combination of brown, red and orange over which I applied a final drybrush of vallejo's oily steel
Control panel of the station
And the two fully charged plasma flasks