Sunday 13 November 2022

Jovis Fossae

After the victorious landing at Mondus Ocullum the loyalists push toward the heretical seat of power in Mons Olympus clashing with the Legio Mortis
A terrifying psi titan marches in the middle of the terran host
Wiping a warhound in turn one with its sinistramanus
The lighter astorum titans engage their traitor counterparts
Meanwhile in the center one of my warhounds has managed to recover some lost crew
In the second turn the warlord sinister moves unnaturaly quick and destroys another warhound 
On the other side of the battlefield a lone reaver takes cover behind a generatorum from the fire of two warlords
The game turns in favour of the loyalists when the warhound with the objective manages to quit the battlefield
Then the traitors reveal their hand when a warlord rushes for my board edge
Legio Astorum is having none of that, and the warlord falls when the Spirit of Victory blows its legs away, wrapping up the game


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