Sunday 29 May 2022

Ione: battle for the refinery

Having seized the skies above Ione the imperials now land to bring battle to the rebels led by emperor Palpatine himslef
Ahsoka and the mandalorians move forwards under the cover of a dust storm in the first turn 
But the emperor and his apprentice are quick to counter the jedi threat

On the right the ATST jumps over the pipes and concentrates fire on a surprised rebel walker

The impetuous Ahsoka is the first to return the blow, swinging her lightsabers against the emperor
As the storm lifts the imperials find their targets, and their concentrated fire kills the ATRT
Vader comes to the help of his master, and the reckless togruta starts to recieve wound after wound
Finally a squad of stormtroopers grabs the last objective and the empire is victorious
The rebels are now against the ropes

Emperor Palpatine


Got a 3D printed Palpatine for this week's game, by far the quickest model to paint ever

Saturday 28 May 2022

Sector Mechanicus: ferratonic furnace


Coming up next in the terrain front is a massive deposit from the sector mechanicus terrain set. In order to make it look a bit cooler I added a cardboard surface in the interior and painted it to look like some corrosive acid with bones floating on the surface.
The cog and skull of the Mechanicus is featured profusely all over the vat
I changed my technique from the other scenery pieces, this time the brown stippling that forms the base of the rust was applied with a brush instead of a sponge, so the corroded area is far more extensive
A small hatch in the lower part of the vat allows for its contents to be emptied out quickly
While a blast door on the side gives access to those unfortunante enough to be on scrubbing duty
The vat comes with a platform that will be a vantage point in our games 
I added an extra tile to mount the little crane that you get with the set

The deposits that I painted last week came with two extra hatches, that will be used as underground entrances or combined with oter pieces

The sets can be put together as an acid vat
Or a blast furnace

Sunday 22 May 2022

Sector Mechanicus: plasma reactors, silos and lots of pipes


While we have more than enough gangs to go around I felt that we needed some more scenery, so I got the terrain from the KT: Nachmund box and painted the first half this week
The pieces are insanely modular, and you can combine them in any kind of shape you desire like legos
For example two furnaces
Or a pair of plasma generators
I've also printed some new dice for Necromunda, including the three new classes included in the Ash Wastes rulebook
Then we have some barricades lifted from the legion starter set and duly rusted up

The pipes are quite detailed in themselves, and fit all the lower joins on the bigger scenery pieces
I glued two pipes to the smokestacks to give them extra stability
One of the pipes is a recharger chapel equipped with two portable energy cells
The furnaces were quite easy to assemble, coming in only two halves, I painted them in a suitable mechanicum red tone. Whatever you do don't glue the top of these things, that way you will have two furnaces or two silos, sadly I glued them

And finally the plasma generators. These are by far the most detailed pieces of the lot, and work best when combined with pipes and other elements to give them a more complex appearance

All in all a complete  set of terrain that can be used for 40k, legion and even Titanicus

The invasion of Ione


Battle for Ione. After being cast out of Hoth, the rebels have taken this vital trading hub on the Corellian Run, but the valiant soldiers of the Empire are up to the task and launch an all out assault on the dissident world
The two massive imperial destroyers cover their advance with a gas cloud
While both fleets launch bomber and fighter screens

TIEs, Y and X wings trade blows amongst the asteroid fields that surround Ione
One of the imperial transports proves too eager to reach the planet, and crashes into a massive asteroid
The imperials have got the range by now, and turbolaser fire rains on the rebel ships
A lone squadron of Y wings jumps a transport and destroys it with ion torpedoes

Another falls to the defence platforms
But by now the imperials have reached the planet and the invasion has begun