Sunday 22 May 2022

The invasion of Ione


Battle for Ione. After being cast out of Hoth, the rebels have taken this vital trading hub on the Corellian Run, but the valiant soldiers of the Empire are up to the task and launch an all out assault on the dissident world
The two massive imperial destroyers cover their advance with a gas cloud
While both fleets launch bomber and fighter screens

TIEs, Y and X wings trade blows amongst the asteroid fields that surround Ione
One of the imperial transports proves too eager to reach the planet, and crashes into a massive asteroid
The imperials have got the range by now, and turbolaser fire rains on the rebel ships
A lone squadron of Y wings jumps a transport and destroys it with ion torpedoes

Another falls to the defence platforms
But by now the imperials have reached the planet and the invasion has begun

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