Sunday 29 May 2022

Ione: battle for the refinery

Having seized the skies above Ione the imperials now land to bring battle to the rebels led by emperor Palpatine himslef
Ahsoka and the mandalorians move forwards under the cover of a dust storm in the first turn 
But the emperor and his apprentice are quick to counter the jedi threat

On the right the ATST jumps over the pipes and concentrates fire on a surprised rebel walker

The impetuous Ahsoka is the first to return the blow, swinging her lightsabers against the emperor
As the storm lifts the imperials find their targets, and their concentrated fire kills the ATRT
Vader comes to the help of his master, and the reckless togruta starts to recieve wound after wound
Finally a squad of stormtroopers grabs the last objective and the empire is victorious
The rebels are now against the ropes

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