Wednesday 26 September 2018

Guilder Creek

 I continue with my telling of the saga of Klovis the Redeemer, so his life and deeds can serve as a shiningh lighthouse for those of our holy order. The eschers had regrouped after our initial onslaught, and another gang of sinners had beens despatched from the hive of evil equipped with hand flamers, in a platry imitation of our own blessed fire
 Spearheading our assault, Klovis himself uleashed the power of the sword of redemption upon the unbeliever
 The purging fire danced over their sinful bodies, extinguishing one of their degenerate lives
 One of the eschers managed to rise and engulf our prophet in a noxious gas cloud, but brother Deza came to the rescue, dousing the hag with his exterminator flamethrower
 I led the right flank of our advance, from a vantage point on the rear in order to not to lose any detail of the ongoing battle
 Seeing a badly wounded idolatress I raised my stub gun and brought her down
 Klovis rised, untroubled by his wounds, and burned another heathen with his fiery zeal
 The eschers were helpless before our rampaging crusade, and their wounded were being taken out one by one under the clubs and knives of the faithful
 The pagan witch that had dared attack my divine mentor was finally taken down by one of our novices, that ended her heretic existence with a satisfyingly heavy blow of his maul
 Even the vaunted escher leader was taken out, helpless despite her advanced gear from the power of  a pure heart
With the figurehead of sin extinguished, her followers were soon dispersed, fleeing our holy wrath and leaving the Burrowden into the firm hands of the Redemption. Later Klovis rounded up the local inhabitans for a round of questioning with help from the Liber Excruciatus, in order to discover their deepest heresies and secret sins. So it was that another quarter of the lawless Underhive was freed from darkness and brough into the bosom of our Holy Lord, all by the hand and will of The Redeemer.

Metalica engines

 The last two warlords are done, these are painted in the bold livery of Legio Metalica
 Imperius Quintus is armed with a plasma anihilator an arioch claw and a pair of turbolasers, the purity seal comes from the knight set, a nice wink to the old Titanicus game

 One banner has the titan's heraldry, the other her legio's
 Imperius Dictatio Damnatio is equipped with a gatling blaster, volcano cannon and carapace turbolasers, the standard warlord setup, purity seal also from the knight

 That's all for now; these last four warlords were bought really cheap and unless I find a similar bargain it's unlikely that the legios will grow, I'll speak with a guy who knows a guy who prints in 3D and we'll see if I can get some affordable stuff for titanicus or BFG 
 Legio Metalica assembled, the two left titans were painted many years ago with a recent shake up
 The bad guys, painting has improved in time as show the two rightmost titans, it has also got darker as my painting has evolved towards more muted colours in time, from GW's red era to when I began to nowadays when I use bright colurs only for highlights
Bzzt bzzt pew pew

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Mortis warlords 2

 Two more engines for Legio Mortis, these complete the army and sum up 2kpts
 Manus Mortis is a famous engine that fought in the siege of the Imperial Palace, she is equipped with a volcano cannon, a plasma anihilator and two count as laser blasters


 Tantus Abolitorus is a storied machine: she is one of the eldest of the legio and destroyed the tower-preceptory of the legioes astartes in Mars during the Schism to ensure that no loyalist technomarines joined the imperial side, however some of them escaped making thier way to Terra eventualy, bad guys just can't win. Her weapon systems include a pair of apocalypse launchers, arioch claw and one quake cannon, a weapon so grimdark that fires chunks of exterminatused planets at the enemy

Monday 24 September 2018

Metalica refit

 I've adapted my two Metalica warlords to the newest edition of Titanicus, first I swaped their left arm  melta cannons for volcano cannons, then gave them a new base, some highlights and a much needed inking on the gold rims, the right titan got a pair of megabolters instead of her warp missiles.
These titans are quite old, 30 years no less, coming out only one year after roguetrader
 Imperius Tenebrus is the engine of princeps seniores Danferus, sporting two golden eagles to mark his exalted rank in the heat of battle. She's armes with a volcano cannon two carapace blasters and a macro gatling on the right arm

 She is depicted mid great crusade, after having smushed an orc battlewagon, striding purpousefully while the ork crew bales out: run away!
 The second warlord is Imperius Galgamech, she also has a volcano cannon on her left arm, while in the right she swings a wrecking ball (arioch claw in game)  and two carapace megabolters for stripping shields

 I came iiin like a wreking ball...
The base depics a funny artwork piece from the titanicus rulebook
'ere are da 'umies at?
err boss...

Bonus: flags for mortis and metalica edited fromBell of Lost Souls, now if I only scratchbuilded two 28mm warhounds...