Wednesday 26 September 2018

Metalica engines

 The last two warlords are done, these are painted in the bold livery of Legio Metalica
 Imperius Quintus is armed with a plasma anihilator an arioch claw and a pair of turbolasers, the purity seal comes from the knight set, a nice wink to the old Titanicus game

 One banner has the titan's heraldry, the other her legio's
 Imperius Dictatio Damnatio is equipped with a gatling blaster, volcano cannon and carapace turbolasers, the standard warlord setup, purity seal also from the knight

 That's all for now; these last four warlords were bought really cheap and unless I find a similar bargain it's unlikely that the legios will grow, I'll speak with a guy who knows a guy who prints in 3D and we'll see if I can get some affordable stuff for titanicus or BFG 
 Legio Metalica assembled, the two left titans were painted many years ago with a recent shake up
 The bad guys, painting has improved in time as show the two rightmost titans, it has also got darker as my painting has evolved towards more muted colours in time, from GW's red era to when I began to nowadays when I use bright colurs only for highlights
Bzzt bzzt pew pew

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