Monday 24 September 2018

Metalica refit

 I've adapted my two Metalica warlords to the newest edition of Titanicus, first I swaped their left arm  melta cannons for volcano cannons, then gave them a new base, some highlights and a much needed inking on the gold rims, the right titan got a pair of megabolters instead of her warp missiles.
These titans are quite old, 30 years no less, coming out only one year after roguetrader
 Imperius Tenebrus is the engine of princeps seniores Danferus, sporting two golden eagles to mark his exalted rank in the heat of battle. She's armes with a volcano cannon two carapace blasters and a macro gatling on the right arm

 She is depicted mid great crusade, after having smushed an orc battlewagon, striding purpousefully while the ork crew bales out: run away!
 The second warlord is Imperius Galgamech, she also has a volcano cannon on her left arm, while in the right she swings a wrecking ball (arioch claw in game)  and two carapace megabolters for stripping shields

 I came iiin like a wreking ball...
The base depics a funny artwork piece from the titanicus rulebook
'ere are da 'umies at?
err boss...

Bonus: flags for mortis and metalica edited fromBell of Lost Souls, now if I only scratchbuilded two 28mm warhounds...


  1. Awesome - I always love seeing the old beetleback warlords get some new life!

  2. What is "Metalica"? Do you just mean that they're made out of metal, or did you have them painted as a tribute to the band Metallica?

  3. They come from the planet Metalica, you'l have to ask GW about homages ;D