Sunday 27 September 2015

Mechanicum+militia 2000pts

 The habituals of this blog will remember that several years ago i built a rather blocky reaver titan, when i finished I wasn't convinced with its dorsal armament so yesterday I built him two improved weapon options. A vulcan megabolter (on the left) for dealing with those annoying flyers and a double-barrelled turbolaser for D strength spam.
 As titan class weapons they are quite big
 The megabolter mounted on the reaver
 and the turbolaser

With these changes I've got yet another 2000pts army for the Horus Heresy achieving a 25% rate of completion towards the siege of Terra project. The plan is to mass a total of eight armes to play the siege with: Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, Mechanicum, White Scars for the loyalists and Emperor's Children, Death Guard, World Eaters, Thousand sons for the traitors. Each faction will also have Horus and the (not yet god) Emperor with a unit of bodyguard (Justaerin/Custodes), the objective of the campaign will be obiously to kill either Horus or the Emperor. 

Mechanicum 2000pts

Leviathan organitzation chart

Reaver battletitan: 2x arm laser blaster 1x laser blaster 1475pts

Allies (imperialis militia)

HQ: command cadre 30pts
T: grenadier squad, lascarbine 75pts
HS: leman russ squadron, 3x leman russ 420pts

Friday 25 September 2015


 In this scenario Balin has to exit via the gate to win, the goblins have to kill him instead.
 The dwarves advanced in a solid mass
 While the goblins moved to block the gate
 Combat between the two forces ensued without a clear winner

Althought having the lead on casualties inflicted the dwarf player decided to cnecede since he fund the gameplay boring and that his army had a overwhelming numerical disadvantadge. So I don't think that we'll play anymore games of LOTR unless it is with similar armies that is. I want to play at least the fellowship of the ring so I'll have to tailor some lists having that in mind.
Well what do you want I didn't write this scenario, Ward and Cavatore did!

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Blood angels + milita 2000pts

 Blood angels (legiones astartes-stubborn) 2000pts
Pride of the legion rite of war (wich allows termies as troops like in 2d)

Centurion, cataphracti, powerfist, combiweapon 92
Mortitat consul, 2 plasma pistols 125

Terminator squad, 4 powerfists, 5 combiweapons 230
Terminator squad, 3 powerfists, 1 lightning claw 195
Terminator squad, 8x, 7 fists, 1 combiweapon 307

Sanguinius (homebrew) 450
Command squad, 5x, jump packs, 4 power weapons, 1 powerfist 270

Allies (imperialis militia)

Command cadre, powerfist 45

Grenadier squad, lascarbine, flamer specialist 85

Fast attack
Thunderbolt 200

Thursday 17 September 2015

Blood angels mortitat

 Mortitat Mathellan, a mortitat is a legion officer capable of  firing chain shots with his pistols: for each sucessful to hit roll you gain an extra shot, give him a pair of plasma pistols and say goodbye to the enemy primarch!

Mathellan's personal heraldy awarded to him by primarch Sanguinius for his exploits during the Garroa Incursion.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Iron Hands armour, and finished 1500pts!

 Predator proxies, just 5euros for four of these beauties, I just changed the main gun and that was it!

The finished army at 1500 points, consisting of:

Head of the Gorgon rite of war

Terminator centurion, cyber familiar 100pts

Tactical 150
Tactical 150
Support tactical 100pts

Terminator squad, 3 power fists, 1 chainfist, reaper autocannon 215

Predator, executioner plasma cannon 110
Predator, executioner plasma cannon 110
Predator, executioner plasma cannon 110

Ferrus manus 455

Sunday 13 September 2015

Yet more iron hands

 I re-based Santar who is now accompanied by a cyber familiar and added in a tactical support squad armed with flamers

Saturday 12 September 2015

New seven years war map

Adapted for playing a campaign with the "warfare in the age of reason" ruleset we'll have to assemble lots of 1/72 armies for this!

Thursday 10 September 2015

Moria campaign scenario 2: Battle for the dwarrowdelf

 Our next battle takes place deep below the mountains: in a pillared hall Dubruz the goblin king faces Balin across a deep chasm! Whoever reduces the enemy at one quarter of its strength wins!

 The dwarfs are led by Balin (red shield in the center) and two captains Floi (yellow) and Nali (white shield)
 The chasm divides the battlefield, it can be crossed by a narrow bridge or jumped (albeit at some risk -1s dies-)
 The goblins have the numercial superiority and nefarious creatures such as one cave troll, goblin shamans and foul engines like the goblin drum.
 In the flanks of the goblin force are deployed two groups of archers 
  The goblins are led by their king, Dubruz (with a fur cloak in front of the drummers)
 The two forces move towards the bridge
 First blood to the evil side, a kazad guard killed by an arrow
 The dwarfs begin to cross the bridge, but their lead warriors are out of range from the banners's bonuses! The first dwarf is killed.
 Two dwarves jump trough the chasm, one falls to his death
 And the other is quickly surrounded

 However a dwarf actually maneges to defeat the troll and wound it even!

 More dwarves jump trough and are surrounded

 The brave dwarf in the bridge is quickly surrounded and killed
 A lone dwarf survives thanks to his armour in the right

 With most of his crossing forces defeated the dwarf player decides for a change of tactic
 Heroic victory of the surrounded dwarf who then jumped trough the chasm and left the goblins behind in an poper adventurous manner
 With the bridge clear the goblins pour in
 But the thing goes awry, here the first loss of the evil side so far in the battle
 Balin kills the troll

 Perhaps it wasn't so good an idea to cross that bridge
However the dwarf player concedes as he doesn't believe that his forces will hold the next turns