Wednesday 30 September 2020

Forge Avenue


Imperial forces launch the last attack of the war, an assault against the traitor fortresses
First blood goes to Legio Honorum, Red Reclaimer killing a small warhound
Martian Avenger also destroys a scout titan in a brief shootout
An ordinatus takes aim
And destroys a building with its volcano
In the left loyalist and traitor face off along the street
Concentrated firepower dominates the manufactorum and spaceport sector
A warlord is brought low by Reclaimer, with help from the ordinatus that downs a covering building

Another Honorum engine makes a dashing charge, smashing its fist into the enemy and leaving it fatally wounded, it would later explode when its reactor went critical
The ordinatus destroys yet more buildings, denying valuable cover to the enemy
Reclaimer blows up yet another titan
With only one titan left and no enemy losses the traitors beat it
With most of the planet in loyalist hands the campaign is declared an imperial victory

Closeup of the new ruins, 3d printed walls, cardboard and sand



This repulsive grand cruiser completes my chaos fleet for now, painted in the same scheme as the rest, it acts a a great centerpiece and should dish out tons of punishment. Her role in battle is that of a pocket battleship, with an awesome 14 firepower and some lances to boot it can go toe to toe with battleships, it's not as resilient tough but is a great addition for a paltry 230pts.

The Malevolent was one of the worst scrouges of the Gothic Sector. Leading a raiding fleet at the beginning of the war, she was the bane of many an imperial vessel, including the Retribution class battleship Imperial Fury. Severely crippled during the last stages of the conflict she would nonetheless slip away to claim fer pound of flesh from the Imperium during the 13th Black Crusade.
Warp engines

Chaos fleet 850pts, Throwing in a strike cruiser I can get them to 1K, enough for an enjoyable game

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Chaos Cruisers


These three devastation class cruisers mark the beginning of the chaos fleet, I painted them in classic red with gold accents and purple engines like in the video game. The devastation is the best vessel in the fleet, with lances, launch bays and weapon batteries is like fielding two imperial cruisers for the price of one (and rather cheap at 190pts), they will only struggle against things like necron or eldar
The Dark Sabbath was a constant thorn in the side of the Imperium during the Gothic War, taking part in the main actions of the war alongside the main warfleet of Abbadon, she was ultimately destroyed during the retreat from Schindlegheist by a boarding party of the Angels of Redemption

The Macrodeath was one of the vessels wich blockaded Port Maw, her waves of bombers were instrumental in the destruction of no less than 50 merchantmen, starving out thousand of loyal followers of the Emperor. She was to escape retribution however, retreating from the sector at the end of the war

Deathclock led an independent flotilla of raiders in the Lysiades subsector. Together with several cruisers and escorts she would prove the scrouge of undefended planets, landing the hosts of the lost and the damned in several invasions that enslaved millions of imperial subjects. She would be brought to account for her sins the battle of Boetia where a battlegroup led by Admiral Semper would cleanse the stars of her perfidious evil once and for all.

Plutocrat Square


After the imperial assault it's now the traitor's time to answer in kind and the Legio Mortis launches an invasion on the towns north of Endeavour City

Battle is joined around the main square

While knights fight it out on the streets

The loyalists achieve their objective when the best enemy engine is felled by Red Reclaimer

The last traitor knight are also rounded up and killed

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Ryza Campaign


The first campaign of this season is the siege of Ryza, a forgeworld that got its own supplement for titanicus during the summer

The starting positions on the map, the loyalists got the offensive and attacked the ruins near the weatern forges
The princeps senioris got two kills under his belt, a warhound and a warlord
An ordinatus lent its heavy firepower to the struggle, nuking a scout titan
The enemy command titan died when its reactor overheated
I made some new building and the board looks pretty neat now
Traitor stratagems proved a nuisance during the whole game
All the enemy warhound where wiped out, these small engines can't take the heat!

The enemies in the manufactorum complex where killed one by one

After securing a beachead in the nortern continent the loyalists fortified it, several defences sprouted all over on the planet during the campaign phase