Sunday 31 March 2019


 The nameless Kroot mercenary known only as "the Wanderer" prowls the known space as a gun for hire, he has become recently an associate of Lady Inquisitrix Janiss, relishing both the economical gain and the chance to pit his skills against a wide array of foes (and feast on the remains of course!). He's armed with two pistols and a Kroot hunting rifle. As the most alien member of her retinue, he usually keeps to the shadows, where a single shot from his gun can be the tipping point in battle.
 A conversion from the Blackstone Fortress Kroot, with extra gear added to reflect his nomadic nature

 He's dressed in the most famous poncho in history
The origial one was olive green, but since the skin is also that colour I went with dark brown, in some pics the poncho is also that colour, perhaps due to a later edit. Eastwood bought it, his trousers, hat and shirt in a shop in Santa Monica, and he kept them during the three movies of the trilogy: a fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more and the good the bad and the ugly (best IMO). He was a minor actor before the films that gave him fame, and when presented with those low budget productions he thought that if all went ploin shaped he would at least get a free trip to Italy and Spain!

 Kroot are known for their... unsavoury cannibalistic tendencies, so I decided to reinforce that by adding a bag full of tasty snacks
That concept is reinforced in the base, where there are some remains of his latest meal, groovy!

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