Sunday 3 March 2019

Lake City

 Yanks and Rebs clash in a clearing on swampy Florida.
The sun shines brightly on this peaceful rural corner but  then...
 Yeehaw! The rebs show up looking for a fight
 The first federals appear in the battlefield firing the opening shots and killing a southern boy

 A big column of northerners moves in at a steady pace
 Even more yanks form up and open a terrifying fire
 The outnumbered confederates give as good as they take until...
 Bum! A unit is blown up by artillery
 The rebels concentrate fire on the gun, routing the crew
 But their own artillerists leg it too
 Finally the long awaited reinforcements appear (to a collective sigh of relief), and punish the weakened blue line, a battered unit of confederates moves to the rear to patch up
 The increase in firepower is telling
 The southern colonel rallies his boys in the rear
More and more yankees flee 

With mounting losses and sinking morale, the fedral commander decides to call it a day

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