Sunday 10 March 2019

The Titandeath. Prologue: Second Battle of Nyrcon City

 "The Warmaster onslaught fell over the worlds of the Beta-Garmon cluser like the sudden shock of the unexpected storm, his lighning strikes spread terror across battlefields unumbered, but nowhere else was the attack more contundent than in the capital hive of the sector: Nyrcon City. There the valiant Legio Astorum defended the city with a small allied detachment from the Legio Metalica guarding the vital Rogal gate against the push of the traitors."
From De Bello Titanico, an essay on the engine battles of the late Great Heresy
 House Devine stands valiantly with their Mortis overlords
 A scattering of Metalicas defend the city walls
Baron Vladimir hides sneakily behind the gates 
 While the traitor engines stand and shoot, the knights rush forward
 Only to be nuked by a volcano cannon
 The nemesis cannon is wildly off aim, blasting a friendly bunker open
 After several turns of concentrated fire a traitor is killed
 House Raven choses this moment to sally forth from the city
 The traitor engines move ponderously forward
 A sucessful charge and Calvaria gets three chainswords to the gut
 A Metalica warlord with arioch fist moves forward to engage
 The duel in the left sees another Mortis titan killed, both his legs being blown away
With losses mounting up, the traitor commander opts for a rereat, leving Nyrcon in loyalist hands

The knights did well enough on their first outing, a simple charge from just three took out two damage from a torso and striped one shield, but you gotta watch out for volcano cannons, those are kriptonite to the little guys

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