Friday 26 February 2021

Ahsoka Tano


No Clone Wars collection is complete without best girl Ahsoka. Let's face it, no Star Wars collection is complete without her either: Ahsoka is love, Ahsoka is life
This model is a 3D print with a transparent resin lightsaber
Since the clones in the box are those from the first seasons I went with the younger Ahsoka
Clothes are vallejo brandywine with lighter red for the highlights and the leggings sky grey with two layers of white. For the skin I mixed yellow ocre with clear orange, increasing the ocre in the raised areas. The hardest part was painting the lekku tails, using Citadel macragge blue

Since she doesn't have a card yet, I made my own for her teen and mature phases, plus command

Nerf: after the first playtest I've decided to give her defence or attack increments only if she spends dodge or aim tokens, that way she fits in line with the other jedi and is less OP. The commander version causes only one wound if one or more defence incrementes were roles, the 2 saber version causes one wound for each increment rolled.
Note that she's an agent and not special forces as shown in the card.

Thursday 25 February 2021

Legion cards in spanish



Hello there!


Next in the painting line was everyone's favourite Jedi master, painting was pretty much like the clones with the addition of washed up browns for the robes. Weirldy enough, in the series Kenobi has chestnut hair, despite Macgregor being blond in the films, sine the mini has the series outfit I went with brown.

I'm also translating some cards

Clone Troopers


The first minis  of the starter set that I painted were of course the iconic clones. As Obi Wan would put it I didn't do nothig too fancy: over a black basecoat I painted the armour panels with vallejo sky grey, and proceeded to give them a general white drybrush followed by second one over the raised areas. Then I painted the weapons and the undersuit black and gave the guns a  sea grey drybrush. The bases are vallejo leather brown with an english uniform drybrush.
Squad 1: firing
Squad 2: advance
Squad 3: at ease
Clone command, sergeants (green) and liutenant (blue)

Vraks: the final battle


With the wall breached and the Citadel itself under siege, the defenders begin a deseparate innvocation of their false gods. The massive loss of life facilitates the opening of a warp tear, through wich march the daemons of chaos led by the fearsome bloodthirster Ka'Bandha. Only an imperial victory will ensure that the planet doesn't become a hellworld and a bastion of Chaos.

Three reavers form the loyalist centre
In the right, Krieg artillery and a warhound maniple are ready to pounce on the enemy flank
The left is pretty much devoid of imperial troops, with only two stormblades to hold the line there
The first turn sees the two enemy warlords on the right lose their shields, but an Astorum reaver is also stripped from its voids and savaged by concentrated fire
Next turn, an armoured company shows up in the renegade left
Tanks and warhounds join efforts to destroy the warlord next to the ruins
A traitor warhound is also eradicated by plasma fire
However, the damaged reaver is felled by the renegade bombardment
Next turn, a volcano shot nukes all tanks save one out of existence
The traitor tanks have been also eliminated by titans and superheavies
Another warlord is killed by my princeps senioris
Alas in its death throes, the engine turns and blows the legs out from my melee reaver, that falls to the ground in flames
Battle comes to an end with only one enemy engine left and Vraks safely in imperial hands

Wednesday 17 February 2021

Vraks: into the breach


After the success of the Kagori Offensive, the imperial forces attack the wall of the inner defence line. The Krieg engineers dig a mine below the fortess and blow it up, creating a breach that is attacked by a combined force of guardsmen and Legio Astorum.
Once more into the breach!
First to charge is the tank company, that braves no man's land ahead of the reavers
The traitors also move forwards, and both sides engage in a firefight of TITANIC proportions
The two advance warlords lose their shields in the first turn, and soon the central reaver gives the coup de grace to the one in the left with its laser blaster
In the rear, more traitor reinforcements appear in answer to the sudden attack
The warhound maniple has skillfully flanked the foe under a withering fire, and their shots soon take down one of the gigantic warlords
The engine suffers a reactor meltdown, the subsequent explosion kills one of its murderers
The last remaining warlord straddles the breach, challenging its enemies to approach
After firing some rounds, the traitor basilisks are wiped out by a volcano shot
The surviving loyalist engines concentrate their fire and, aided by the kriegers, kill the last battletitan
The breach is ours, praise the Emperor!