Thursday 25 February 2021

Vraks: the final battle


With the wall breached and the Citadel itself under siege, the defenders begin a deseparate innvocation of their false gods. The massive loss of life facilitates the opening of a warp tear, through wich march the daemons of chaos led by the fearsome bloodthirster Ka'Bandha. Only an imperial victory will ensure that the planet doesn't become a hellworld and a bastion of Chaos.

Three reavers form the loyalist centre
In the right, Krieg artillery and a warhound maniple are ready to pounce on the enemy flank
The left is pretty much devoid of imperial troops, with only two stormblades to hold the line there
The first turn sees the two enemy warlords on the right lose their shields, but an Astorum reaver is also stripped from its voids and savaged by concentrated fire
Next turn, an armoured company shows up in the renegade left
Tanks and warhounds join efforts to destroy the warlord next to the ruins
A traitor warhound is also eradicated by plasma fire
However, the damaged reaver is felled by the renegade bombardment
Next turn, a volcano shot nukes all tanks save one out of existence
The traitor tanks have been also eliminated by titans and superheavies
Another warlord is killed by my princeps senioris
Alas in its death throes, the engine turns and blows the legs out from my melee reaver, that falls to the ground in flames
Battle comes to an end with only one enemy engine left and Vraks safely in imperial hands

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