Thursday 11 February 2021

Vraks: the Kagori Offensive

The Kagori Offensive: after years of stalemate on the Vaks front, the imperials have managed to gather enough forces for the big push, with help from Legio Astorum, the kriegers launch an all out attack.

The guardsmen go once more over the top, over their heads the massive reavers and warhounds of the Legio duel with their heretic counterparts
No man's land is filled with the carcasses of destroyed tanks, but the imperial forces push on
The traitor stormblades are wiped out by the armoured company before getting to fire a single shot
The warhound maniple closes with the trenchline on the right
Two reavers advance behind a tank screen, while in the center a lone engine charges valiantly
Traitors Russes attack the warhound in a death or glory moment, but are anihilated by plasma fire
The heretic warhound is also killed by a single pinpoint turbolaser shot to the chest
Not all goes well for the imperials, and the central bait reaver is killed
The warhounds outflank the big warlord and shot it to bits
The last remaining heretic engine returns fire, but it's too late, the imperials have already taken two of the three objectives, and broken through the defence line

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