Wednesday 17 February 2021

Vraks: into the breach


After the success of the Kagori Offensive, the imperial forces attack the wall of the inner defence line. The Krieg engineers dig a mine below the fortess and blow it up, creating a breach that is attacked by a combined force of guardsmen and Legio Astorum.
Once more into the breach!
First to charge is the tank company, that braves no man's land ahead of the reavers
The traitors also move forwards, and both sides engage in a firefight of TITANIC proportions
The two advance warlords lose their shields in the first turn, and soon the central reaver gives the coup de grace to the one in the left with its laser blaster
In the rear, more traitor reinforcements appear in answer to the sudden attack
The warhound maniple has skillfully flanked the foe under a withering fire, and their shots soon take down one of the gigantic warlords
The engine suffers a reactor meltdown, the subsequent explosion kills one of its murderers
The last remaining warlord straddles the breach, challenging its enemies to approach
After firing some rounds, the traitor basilisks are wiped out by a volcano shot
The surviving loyalist engines concentrate their fire and, aided by the kriegers, kill the last battletitan
The breach is ours, praise the Emperor!

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