Tuesday 27 April 2021

Unwelcome to the jungle


Final encounter! The Republic has landed on Rodia, where valiant clones and mighty jedi fight in a relentless battle against the endless droid hordes. Whoever emerges victorious will control the planet Rodia, and take one more step towards winning the gruelling Clone Wars.
Here comes the pain: an AAT hovers menacingly in the separatist right
Hello There! Kenobi and Dooku clash in the center of the battlefield
The tank moves ponderously onwards, crushing the jungle under its repulsor engines
While her master joins the lightsaber melee, Ahsoka jumps into a battered unit of B1s
Guided by the Force (me), the jedi knights concentrate their attack on the arrogant count
Reliable as ever, Snips scraps the clankers
On the other flank however, the clones are having a tough time against the AAT and the deathwatch
Using a command card, Ventress jumps out of the fight and crashes into some unwary clones, that are completely slaughtered
Legion is a game of jedi and special units, the rank and file are there just to fill in the mandatory slots
Despite these losses, the Republic recovers speedily when Anakin kills Dooku
Bo-Katan and friends take to the skies, killing a clone sergeant
Fear not, the BARC manages to kill off the AAT after several turns of concentrated fire
And even has enough shots left to blow away the mandalorian bucketheads
In the last turns the remaining droids are destroyed while Kenobi chases after Ventress (it's not like that)
The surviving troopers take the objective
Battle comes to an end and with it the campaign. The system (inspired in Empire at War) worked pretty well, and we can use it in the future for things like 40k and such. I would like to take a break from Star Wars now, get in some Mordheim, Necromunda and even some napoleonics



Armoured Assault Tank for the separatists. I decided to go with the Phantom Menace scheme because it was easier to paint more iconic than the CIS boring grey-blue. Painting started with a yellow ochre triple basecoat, then I did the black bits and drybrushed over the metal zones. The finishing touch was a dark umber wash followed by a liberal application of sponge weathering once it dried up. 
Quick & easy!

Friday 23 April 2021

Sunday 18 April 2021

The Rodian Landings


Rodia imperiled! Recovering after their defat at Ryloth, the separatist forces have taken over this verdant planet, thanks to the collaboration of local politicians sympathetic to their secession and the famine caused by the war. Concerned by such expansion, the Republic quickly redeploys its forces to contest the lost ground. Led by general Kenobi, a spearhead of venator cruisers and a formidable Mandator dreadnought launch an invasion of the rogue world.
Welcome to another BFG: Coruscant game. Today we have a planetary invasion, with the separatists defending their newly conquered world from the clutches of the Supreme Chancelor
The seppies have mistakenly deployed their ships on patrol, and the enemy fleet is quick to pounce on them, punishing a Providence carrier with an combined onslaught of turbolasers and bombers
A Munificent frigate is also destroyed by more enemy craft and the volleys of the Mandator
The two remaining CIS vessels open fire, and the heavy ion cannon smashes into the venators, blowing up the burning Providence in the way in
Buffeted by debris and ion fire, the cruiser braces for impact
The republic navy reacts inmediately, and moves around the asteroid field while keeping the troop transports safe on the flanks
All batteries zero in on the second providence, that is reduced to scrap under heavy fire
The Pride of the Core then has to weather two waves of droch boarding ships, that damage her weapons and even assault the bridge, killing the admiral and all his officers

Undaunted, the jedi fleet plows onwards, unleashing a veritable swarm of LAAT gunships
Clones and torpedoes slam into the massive Subjugator, taking out of the picture her weapons and leaving her crippled
The massive vessel still has claws however, and launches yet more boarding ships into the Mandator
But little can she do against the whole enemy fleet. The Pride opens up at point blank range, another wave of gunships finishes the job, causing so many damage that the gargantuan dreadnought explodes
Sadly the Mandator is also taken down in this titanic deflagration, since her lowered Ld value prevents her from bracing at the critical moment
Despite the loss of their flagship, the republican starships close in on their target, sweeping out the orbital defences and landing the invasion force
Coming up next in the blog: battle for Rodia

Count Dooku


After the dismal performance of Grievous, I decided to add a new commander to the separatist army. The cheapest option available was a tactical droid, but I went with the Confederation's head of state: Count Dooku himself. He is a powerful fighter in the table, with some nice command buffs, and thanks to being a sith he's far more durable than your average caracther.
Painting was pretty quick: the suit was done in vallejo sea grey mixed at 50/50 with black, then I lightened the raised surfaces by lowering the black to only 25%. The sword was a brandywine/naphton red mix, with a drybrush of pure naphton over it. Boots were black with a dark grey highlight, while the cloak was pinted in hull red. The gold is GWs retributor armour with an old brown wash coat.
I'm still having problems with vallejo inks, should try GW instead
The face turned out quite well. The base layer was vallejo elf skintone, the highlights basic skintone with a final watered down ink wash to add some shadow. We'll see how he does in his first outing, when the seppies will also have some serious firepower thanks to a BIG unit I'm working in right now

Friday 9 April 2021

Siege of Lessu


After securing orbit over the Twi'Lek homeworld, the Republic unleashes the clone army, that invades the world and attacks its capital of Lessu
First into the fray is general Kenobi, that jumps into a redoubt ahead of his troops
The clones take cover, and their fire destroys some B2 droids
Ahsoka advances a bit recklessly, and gets embroiled in a risky combat against Ventress
Her master menawhile divebombs into a swarm of B1s
The BARC speeder also opens up, striking and fading repeatedly
Kenobi attacks Ventress too, but she manages to shrug off most wounds
After annihilating the battledroids, Anakin come sto grips with the head clanker
Meanwhile the Deathwatch has been slaughtered by republican fire, and their last member runs way 
Ahsoka is finally killed, she should have dodged more!
The battle ends in a GAR victory, as the troopers seize the objective markers