Sunday 26 March 2023

Secrets of Mortis: Lungstone Bridge


And so it came to be known to the warriors of the faith that a great hoard of treasure was found in a recently discovered dome on the underworld of Hive Mortis, an Emperor forsaken slum where only the most deviant lifeforms were found. A band of such repugnant muties held the only bridge to the forgotten dome, and the Redeemer agreed on a temporary alliance with the heretic scum that followed on our footsteps to cut our way to the prize

The crusaders kept back during the attack, letting the sinner scum soak up the enemy fire with their heretical flesh
It wasn't long until the sound of battle drew the zombies that infested the hive to the bridge, falling upon some foolhardy goliaths that hadn't moved swiftly enough

The mercenary enforcers of the corrupt Helmwar were the first to assault the barricades that barred the path forwards, spurred no doubt by their bottomless greed
Klovis restrained our zeal in this first moments of combat, letting the goliath brutes and other deviants take the brunt of the mutant onslaught
As a great mass we moved onto the bridge, laying a veritable rain of lead that kept the mutant filth cowering behind their barricades
Sporadic shots flew from the defenders
Lethal enough to fell one of the goliath brutes
Meanwhile the zombie swarm grew more numerous
Bolstered by those infected with their antinatural plague

Little by little the impromptu alliance got closer to the barricade
Sowing death and destruction amongst the mutant scum

Suddenly a blast of flame engulfed the foremost cops, who fell to the ground covered in flames
All along the goliaths kept a fighting retreat against the zombi horde
Killing more than one with their oversized muscles and crude weaponry

The misguided judge was the first to go over the barricade, falling at once under a hail of pistol shots
Seeing that the the mutant lines were wavering, the Redeemer led us onto a glorious charge, that crushed all opposition in a dash for the bridge's end

It was than that with a lumbering rush the enforcer ambot jumped the wall, stomping a luckless mutant under its massive weight, opening the way out for the assorted heretic rabble
Who led by the judge marched into the second defence line

The warriors of Redemption joined eaglery in this fight against the abominations, killing and maiming with the sacred weapons of the faith

While we were almost at the exit the goliaths kept up their fight against the zombies, too stupid to realize that a fortune laid on the other side of the bridge
It was with a blast form the Sword of Persecution that blessed Klovis punished the mutants of the second barricade for standing in his way, a holy act of faith in which he was joined with flame and rifle by the rest of the crusade

The last goliaths made a run for it, pursued by the shambling figures of the plague zombies

By then all resistance had been crushed
Smashed by massed fire and the towering form of the ambot
Behind us we caught a last glimpse of a lone heretic, running and stumbling over the bridge
Until his screams of terror ceased at last...

Monday 20 March 2023

House Vextrix helevrins


My father's chaos army was sorely lacking in the vehicle department a fatal flaw in the nowadays tank dominated mete, with this in mind I decided to pick some knight to reinforce the heretic ranks, and I've started to work on them beginning by this pair of armigers
The chosen house was Vextrix, a line of knight sworn to the legio Mortis, the iconic baddies of the chaos titan legions
I decided to keep the imperial and chaos bits out, that way I can play them with my house Cervaria engines as a big knight army

The Scheme is the heresy one without all the rust and twisted bits of later eras, just a big eye of Horus/Abbadon taken from the proteus kit to mark their allegiance to the dark powers