Thursday 27 July 2023

Amazon reinforcements


As I got more and more gold in the Mordheim campaign I realized that my amazon warband was lacking in numbers. Promptly I contacted my local 3D dealer and ordered a batch of new warriors, who were painted just in time for the third game
The women of the slithering serpent tribe like to adorn themselves with jewels, scaly skins and feathers, using their tattoos to convey both wealth and experience; that way the most inked up warriors are always the nobles and priestesses of the community

I found out that in Lustria ranged warfare is not very effective, between the heavy rainstorms and the prevalent jungle cover, so these girls are all equipped for hand to hand with swords, axes and bucklers

All members of the tribe have a serpent tattoo somewhere on their body that they recieve upon coming of age. This sacred reptile is the totem animal of their patron god Sotek

Still a bronze age civilization amazons do not use iron, but their archaic weaponry is as effective as that of more advanced races, boosted as it is by the power of the Old Ones

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