Sunday 2 July 2023

The ruins of Chatepec

Recently I've been playing warhammer total war and got bitten by the fantasy bug again, so promptly I took out of storage my mordheim stuff and began a lustrian campaign
In our first game the beautiful amazons face some lizardmen in the depths of the jungle
The skink priest is the first to fall, eaten by a carnivorous plant
The objective of both warbands is a sacred tablet hidden in the rainforest (the golden markers)
The amazons upturn some markers but have no luck
Their priestess is even attacked by another plant, but is only knocked down
More and more creatures stir and asault the warbands
Albeit these fungus have no effect on the drugged up natives
The servants of the old ones come to grips and arrows start to fly
The skink braves are no match for Colel
By now all markers have been uncovered save the central one, this must be the tablet
The amazons rush for the sacred object, but the first is devoured by another plant
The jungle strikes indiscriminately, killing both warrior women and lizardmen
The lizards seize the tablet at last
But a barrage of arrows, magic bolts and timely charges slays its carrier, tying up the game.

In the campaign phase the lizardmen lost three skinks and struggled with the income, while the amazons got tons of cash and brave Colel became a heroine after slaughtering no less than three skinks

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