Saturday 24 July 2021

The deep void


After being expelled from the planet Lauria the separatists retreat to their holdings, however the Republic Navy is wainting for them, and a ferocious battle erupts in space
The encounter begins with the customary waves of attack craft, combined with deadly clone fire that destroys the shieds of the massive subjugator cruiser 
The Y wings cripple a providence in an attack run
While a squadron of venators blast the subjugator to space debris
A second wave of bombers destroys the providence
And the battle ends with all republican vessels zeroing on the lucrehulk and anihilating her with massed turbolasers.

Wow, quite a slaughter maybe I should lower the seppie points to balance things out

Lucrehulk battleship

No separatist fleet is complete without one of these beauties. Unlike the rest of the ships, wich were printed in resin, this is a plastic model, so the quality it's not the same


Siege of Zaragoza

With he french invaders occupying most of Spain it falls to the city of Zaragoza to take arms against the godless invaders
Another siege report people, the imperials begin digging up the approaches as the defenders fire on them and excavate mines
As the first month comes to an end the besiegers have set up the breaching batteries and are ready to assault the walls
A sortie from a corregimiento is pushed back with severe losses

In the fourth week of the siege the first breach is blasted next to the gate
The grenadiers are fist to assault, despite their valour the unit is pushed back
Led by Palafox tons of defenders stand ready to repel the invaders
A second attempt is made on the breach by two divisions of line infantry, both of wich are pushed back
After these failed assaults the french take their time, blowing several mines under the bastion and ravaging the garrison with musket fire
Another sortie ends with the destruction of a militia unit

After the garrison is brought low by canister, the imperials launch an assault on the bastion
A division of swiss climbs the breach but fails to take the walls
The poles however have better luck, sweeping the place of defenders
The french have a foothold in the city, now they must maintain it
In the left an underground battle erupts between miners, the spanish lose and their tunnels are destroyed
The defenders are quick to answer, a unit of paisanos mounts the bastion and kicks the poles out

The french proceed then with a calculated assault: while the siege battery and first line muskets blast the defenders, the second line units launch a combined assault
The spanish deploy some guns in front of a breach
The french mount the breaches once again and retake the bastion
Meanwhile the guns have opened a third breach in the wall, blowing the gates away
The gun's experiment is short lived
Quite desperate, the guardias valonas launch and ill concieved assault that is bloodily repulsed
Now overconfident, the french advance into all breaches, despite the mounting losses the defenders manage to defend the gate but lose the left building
The swiss sweep more paisanos from the wall
The final unit of defenders is destroyed by fire from an occupied building, ending thus the game
Another city falls to Napolen's might!

Thursday 22 July 2021

RPS-6 troopers


Got these two troopers printed and painted for the late legion games, far more useful than those crappy gatling blasters

The ruins of Delgation base

With the Republic advancing over the surface of Lauria IV the Confederation establishes a defence line anchored on the ruins of the old Delegation outpost. Whoever grabs more objectives at the end of the game will have seized control of the planet
Valiant Ahsoka jumps ahead of the clones
Kills some deathwatch
And then dies to concentrated firepower
Meanwhile in the center Kenobi and Greivous trade blows
While Anakin destroys the AAT
With the right flank secured, Bo Katan and friends move towards the central objective
Grievous is finally felled by the BARC
While the mandalorians jup into the central marker
A badly injuried Anakin kills the droidekas and seizes one objective
Finally the bike contests the central objective and the battle ends 2-1 in favour of the Republic