Thursday 22 July 2021

The ruins of Delgation base

With the Republic advancing over the surface of Lauria IV the Confederation establishes a defence line anchored on the ruins of the old Delegation outpost. Whoever grabs more objectives at the end of the game will have seized control of the planet
Valiant Ahsoka jumps ahead of the clones
Kills some deathwatch
And then dies to concentrated firepower
Meanwhile in the center Kenobi and Greivous trade blows
While Anakin destroys the AAT
With the right flank secured, Bo Katan and friends move towards the central objective
Grievous is finally felled by the BARC
While the mandalorians jup into the central marker
A badly injuried Anakin kills the droidekas and seizes one objective
Finally the bike contests the central objective and the battle ends 2-1 in favour of the Republic


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