Sunday 18 July 2021

Siege of Roses


Finally what you all have been expeting, a battle report featuring the new fortress. This game pitches a small force of spanish defenders againt a massive army of frenchmen in a coastal citadel in the Costa Brava, in northeastern Catalonia
The imperials are ready
Saint Cyr surveys the fortifications
The spanish stand resolutely behind the ramparts
Muskets and guns point towards the french invader
The defenders get the first turn and start by opening fire and digging mines
The imperials start their approaches
That sneak forwards relentlessly
The first parallel is dug up as the armies come closer
However the spanish detonate a mine and kill some conscripts
The second parallel is opened within musket range
Despite terrible losses, the imperials begin to dig the breaching mines
The charges explode...
Opening three breaches in the walls
The first bastion is carried by french steel
However the invaders struggle against the ruins of the gate

With a bastion in their power, the besiegers move up the guns to blast the rest to bits
A bitter struggle for the curtain wall erupts on the right
The overconfident catalan militia makes a sortie, but is repulsed by the imperials
Another unit of miquelets charges the redoubt, but to no avail
The siege ends when the garrison of the second redoubt is blown to bits by several mines
And the sometents are cleared from the wall
After these two moves Roses belongs to Napoleon
The system worked out pretty well, the fortress fell in seven weeks but not without a struggle. The mines  however seem way too powerful and fast, so they'll be nerfed in the future