Tuesday 20 July 2021

Battle for Chau F'er

Another Star Wars minicampaign people, today the forces of the Republic fight for the liberation of a verdant world from the dreadful separatist yoke
Skywalker jumps into the fight and loses two wounds in quick succession
The overbearing AAT remains indomitable until Kenobi jumps in and starts cutting
Ahsoka joins in the fun while the massive tank blasts three wounds away from the jedi master
Finally the vehicle is brought down by a rocket launcher
Anakin charges some B2 but is cut down by Ventress
Jedi and sith fight it out in the center of the battlefield
With Kenobi dead at the hands of Ventress, only Ahsoka stands in the way of the nefarious sith. Thankfully her fanservice powers are too strong for them and she tanks all damage and almost kills Dooku in exchange
The last battledroids are scrapped by the advancing clones

Finally the BARC moves into the enemy deployment zone during the last turn, seizing victory from the jaws of defeat for the Republic

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