Sunday 4 July 2021

War in the Webway


Having painted Valdor sometime ago I had to play a game featuring him, and what better setting for his outing that an eldar webway corrupted by the nasty daemons of chaos. In this scenario Constantin and his custodians will have to fight an endless hordes of neverborn to keep a warp gate shut.
Valdor rolls with a unit of sisters as the talons move forwards
By the Emperor that's a lot of daemons
The heavy support blows huge holes into the chaos masses, and even gets into melee range to tie the enemy up away from the portal

A mighty charge by Valdor & co. almost destroys a unit of neverborn in a single round of combat

The second wave of creatures smashes against the tall gold line
However the first custodian falls to a demolisher shot
Another unit of praetorians is surrounded and wiped out
Their diabolic cackles are short lived however, as the knight weels around and nukes them with battlecannon and termal shots
With the death of the deamonic lord at the hands of Constantine himself the battle comes to an end

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