Saturday 10 July 2021

El Bruc 1808


Battle of el Bruc today: a french column is ambushed by local guerrillas on their way to Lleida. This episdoe kickstarts the rising against the invaders in Catalonia that will be explored in future games.
The sometents show up in a forest and open fire on the cuirassiers
The french infantry deploys
Despite the losses, the french riders rout a first unit of guerrilla

The french push forwards while the cavalry retreats from the muketry fire

General Schwarz's swiss are first into the fray, destroying the second militia unit
A mad run for the can Maçana masia, one of the objectives of the game
Even the spanish generals are wounded in the fight
Sadly for the sometents, the masia is taken by the french ad they must flee in order to survive and thus tie the game
The catalans run for it
But are eventually caught between the anvil of the infantry and the hammer of the freshly recovered cuirassiers and cut to pieces

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