Sunday 3 January 2016

Harlequins vs Iron Hands

 Another 40k game and the first battle of the year! I faced a full fledged 1500pts Harlequins force this time

 I had two sicarans, Orth, Ferrus, termis and two tacticals, one of them in a rhino

 I got first turn and killed a death jester, eraning first blood
 A skimmer  was killed by Orth

 One of the other death jesters fired...
 ... and blew one of the sicarans!
 My reserves arrived in the next turn outflanking the enemy
 The death jester was fury of the legioned by the tactical
 The harlequins went for a head on charge

 Ferrus charged the solitary
 Who would hold him for the rest of the battle thanks to his 3++ save and some neat psychic powers
 My marines shrugged off the eldar's flimsy witchcraft as ususal
 The termies and some harlequins contacted

 With an even outocome
  a bad rolling created a true "serpent's nest"

 Ferrus was soon surrounded and fighting for his life

 The tacticals disembarking
 While Orth killed his second skimmer

 In the right more harelquins charged a volkite support squad
 Who miraculously held (altough not for long)

 The combat in the center was beginning to look bad for the termies
 I countercharged in the right
 And in the left, two bad moves who would affect the battle's outcome, never come to grips with harlequins if you can prevent it

 Hope was born
 But soon shattered

 Nothing standing between the harlequins and my objective save Orth

 The rhino would seize his objective
 While Orth protected mine

 Orth's Sicaran "Black Sun" suffered some minor scratches from haywire grenades
 Ferrus finally killed the soltary after turns unumbered
But the harlequins disengaged thanks to hit and run contesting their objective.

I got: 1-linebreaker, 1-first blood while the harlequins got 2-linebreaker: a tie then!

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