Wednesday 31 March 2021

Corellian Run: Battle over Ryloth


War in the Outer Rim! The separatists are on the ascendacy. From the planet Geonosis, endless hordes of droids clank forwards, challenging the Republic's control of the vital Corellian Run hyperspace lane.

 Led by the cunning Count Dooku, the Confederation has taken over Ryloth, pushing the Republic to uneash their fleet in order to contest this arid but vital world.
The magnificent Subjugator cruiser Liberation dominates the center of the CIS battleline, facing a venator battlegroup and the Pride of the Core dreadnought
The jedi fleet converges on the Liberation, unleashing a swarm of attack craft
The seppies spread out, opening fire with their turbolaser broadsides, the gargantuan Heavy Ion Cannon fires on the Pride, frying her shields and weapons for the next turn
In the left, a Munificent frigate is battered by a swarm of Y wings
Another vessel, the Indomitable, is also damaged by their proton torpedoes
But the separatists haven't been idle, and a wave of Droch boarding ships disables some weapons and thursters in one of the venators
Meanwhile, a group of LAATs has boarded the Liberation, and the clones carried inside disarm the vessel and set her on fire.
Mid battle pic
The Providence destroyer on the left enters an asteroid field, but her incompetent droid crew rams her into one of the floating rocks
The Liberation drifts ahead trying to repair her weapon systems
The compact republican formation pierces the confederate line firing both broadsides at once. The Munificent frigate is killed by this terrific onslaught, and the other vesses are damaged
A second swarm of LAATs smashes into the Liberaton and destroys the massive ship
The vessel loses control and crashes into Ryloth
This brings an end to the battle, and the clone army prepares to invade the beleguarded planet
Up next: the siege of Lessu


Wednesday 24 March 2021

Mandalorian supercommandos


After Maul took over Deathwatch, most of its memebers swore allegiance to him. According to the ancient mandalorian creed, only the strongest warrior was worthy enough of ruling, and, having killed Pre Vizla, the sith lord proved to be such. These loyalists went on to repaint their armour red in honour of the sith and fight a civil war against the remaining mandalorians, that led by Bo Katan rejected the zabrak's rule. The supercommandos freed Maul after he was imprisoned by Darth Sidious, and strengthened their hold over Mandalore. However, a Republic invasion led by Bo Katan and Ahsoka took over the planet, captured Maul, and forced their surrender.
The leader of the unit is Rook Kast (the gal with purple hair in the series)

Paintig  was done as described in the Deathwatch, but adding vallejo Brandywine for the armour and cloak, mixed with Naphton red at 50/50 to do the higlights. The visors were done in golden yellow over a double yellow ochre basecoat, a finishing touch with shiny glaze gave them that glass finish

The sword guy can be added as a beskar duellist upgrade

Stupid and sensual mando

The last charge


Final battle of the Kuat campaign people. It's now the separatist's turn to attack, and he goes for the administrative seat of the planet: the aristocratic council. It's a full 800 points encounter, with both armies maxed out with all the models
The Republic gets the initative and the droids feel the pain
While a clone squad takes an objective, the Deathwatch jumps into cover and rains fire upon them
Behind them, Anakin and Ahsoka move towards the fray
First of the clankers to fall are some B1 battledroids
Ventress gets into combat, but she hasn't got enough actions left to strike
Skywalker moves in to blunt the sith assassin
While Kenobi faces off against Grievous
Meanwhile, Snips charges Bo Katan's Nite Owls
And beheads them with a single blow
Ventress and Anakin trade blows, but his superior lightsaber skills soon begin to tell
The remaining bucketheads fire on the young padawan, that is left with a single remaining wound
The way of the dice is a path to abilities some consider... unnatural
Rollies move in and fire inefectually as always
Ahsoka charges the mandos
And slaughters them in a single round of combat
In the left, Kenobi has killed Grievous yet again. Such a disappointment, I better give my opponent someone more effective, like Dooku, to lead his forces next time
With his leader dead and only three units left, the enemy packs up
Boy, that's a lotta dead seppies!
And so Kuat is back in republican hands



The Deathwatch were warriors that rejected the peaceful ways of the New Mandalorian faction of their planet, as they considered them an insult to the proud martial traditions of their ancestors. After being defeated in a civil war, they were exiled to the moon of Concordia, from where they unleashed a terror campaign againts duchess Satine Kryze, and  her pacifist government. Siding first with the separatists, they woud eventually strike it on their own after being expelled from Concordia. Their leader, Pre Vizla, threw his lot with Darth Maul and his criminal Shadow Collective, taking briefly over Mandalore, until Maul killed him in ritual combat and claimed ownership of the place. Staunch traditionalists, members of Deathwatch wore the classic mandalorian armour, and followed the honourable way of the Mandalore, respecting strength of arms above all. They were armed with a combination of blasters, jetpack rockets and of course, the ubiquitous wrist gadgets.

The sister of Satine, Bo Katan, leds this squad. Called the Nite Owls, the band wears on one shoulder pad the trifold icon of Deathwatch, and in the other a stylized owl head. Her hemet is also painted to look like an owl face.

The blue armour and cloaks were painted using vallejo prussian blue with medium blue highlights. The grey undersuit is a dark grey washed with back, leather was done in hull red with a dark umber wash. Metal is gunmetal grey with Citadel's old black ink. Finally, the weapons were painted black, and drybrushed with medium sea grey

The models are 3D prints, really detailed and suspiciously quite similar to the official SW Legion set

The set includes all the upgrade options, like the Wren family and the beskad duellist

 I had to give them their own cards to participate in the Clone Wars, keeping the same profile as the rebel resistance unit